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Are the hangers a dying breed

Hi SNM, I’m still hanging out,

OTS and SO

Regards Fun

I’ll have a hanger back on when I come off injury.

Well, it looks like the hangers are not dead but just not saying much.

I guess hanger’s aren’t really social types :p .

>I guess hanger’s aren’t really social types

Comes with the territory, unfortunately.

I’m still here, just focused on the goal. :-k

I appreciate all you guys! Monty—your lead weights are an improvement for me over the golf weights, so please don’t ever let comments which to some could sound self-serving keep you from posting helpful comments or tweaking the ads program. Anyone talking to Bib should relay the info over to here—asking him for permission if necessary.

I have just come off a de-condition and am hanging 23 lbs. Instead of 34 with just as good far a half inch both ways. Hang in there guys! (Pun intended)

I would welcome any threads on overcoming tough ligs by ANY means.

PS: If I am reading this THEN I AM HANGING. So take a look at the number of thread viewings and consider that many of them we’re perhaps hanging also.

Hi all,

I joined the hanging ranks about a month ago. Got myself a Bib Hanger and have been really enjoying it. I’m trying to hang roughly 5 days a week, but that’s not always possible as I live with my girlfriend (I cant even begin to imagine what she’d say if she saw me hanging weights off my dick!)

So far my routine is:

hot wrap penis for 5 minutes,
hot wrap ligs for 5/10 minutes,
15 minutes sitting down,
5 minutes standing up followed by 10 minutes of lying back on a few chairs so my body is horizontal, but my unit is hanging straight down over the edge (probably my fav position, I get a really good stretch),
5 minutes SO, 5 minutes SO but to the left, 5 minutes SO but to the right,
OTS for another 15.

And that’s it! All done in a well heated room, in front of a gas fire and so far only at 5lbs in weight.
My breaks only last a few minutes. In that time I shake out my penis, heat the thera-band on top of the fire and rearrange all the furniture!

As for the results - I’m getting a great flaccid hang (one of my main reasons for PE) plus my penis looks thicker and not just at the base, which I wasn’t expecting.

Am I going to continue? You bet, I love it. I’m going to move up to 7lbs in a week or two and after a while I’ll start increasing the amount of time spent in different positions. I don’t really have any goals, so I’ll be happy with whatever gains I get. I figure I’ll keep with it for about a year, then forget length and move solely onto girth for a while.


I have been hanging for over 3 years. I have gained over 2 1/2 inches in both bpel and nbpel. At my peak, I was hanging 5 hours per day. I now hang at least an hour a day.

I don’t discuss it much on the forum anymore because of the time requirement. Guys like bigger, Dino 9x7 and myself have talked about it until we are blue in the face. Now, I just do it and don’t talk much about it.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Originally Posted by swinglow
PS: If I am reading this THEN I AM HANGING. So take a look at the number of thread viewings and consider that many of them we’re perhaps hanging also.

Wow, over 1200 hangers out there. Keep hanging guys!

I here you jelktoid, there is only so much that can be said before you start repeating yourself.

I just made the Captains Wench yesturday so it’s been two days of hanging for me.


Just got back to real hanging. I had taken a break and then started using a bungee cord for SO stretches for around 6 months.

Then work became crazy and I switched to an ADS (14 ounces x 12-14 hours) and am now finding time to get bak to the real iron.

My most weight was 23 pounds SD, for 20 minutes, swing and circling the weight.

However my best hang was a year ago, stealing a few minutes before I had an appointment to go to. I did the perfect wrap, with the perfect tension. 17 pounds for 20 minutes flew by with no discomfort, no discoloration and no head cooling. I tried an extra 3 minutes, still great. 2 more minutes, things are fine.

Finally had to take it off to run out the door.

All this time and I still can’t recapture that secret combination, but I’ll keep looking.

What are you implying Antistar, I should have not started this thread?


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