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are rest times needed with hanging sets?

are rest times needed with hanging sets?


I have a tight daily work schedule and do not have enough time to have the 10 minute breaks in between hanging sets, so I am opting for a 30s rest in between sets.
I am on 6 days on/1 day off on 80 minutes per day hanging (20 minutes OTC, 40 minutes Over The Knee and 20 minutes OTS) accompanied by 12 minutes of kegeling, 6 minutes of stretching, 10 minutes of jelqing, 10 minutes of jelq squeezes, 2 minutes of uli 3’s, 2 minutes of plumped bends, 8 minutes of edging/ballooning and a 10 minute warm down (10 minute warm up at the beginning). Constant heat is applied throughout the workout and I masturbate twice a week.
Before the hanging schedule I did 13 weeks of stretching (40 minutes), wet jelqing (20 minutes), jelq squeezing (10 minutes) and edging (5 minutes) with a 10 minute warm up and a 10 minute warm down. Constant heat was supplied throught the session. I masturbated 3 times a week and was on a 3 day on/1 day off schedule.
I am fit (gym 3 times a week) and am in good shape, do not smoke, drink, take any drugs, do not eat fast food, and stretch daily (and drink lots of water).
Gains throughout my routine have been quite consistent of an average of 1mm-2mm per week (so far I am on about 1.5mm per week with the hanging routine, I am in my second week). I hang 1.4IB and increase the weight by 1.4IB every 3 weeks).
With my hanging routine, can I have some imput on how to improve it (without spreading out the hanging sets)? Cheers


Take a break and get some circulation back into your head. It doesn’t have to be 10 minutes. I take about a 1 minute break.

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A minute or two is enough of a break between sets. Since you’re gaining, keep doing what you’re doing. Otherwise, you could focus on a single angle. At some point that becomes necessary.

I think the 10 minute break between sets is a must. You should do 3 mins of btb jelqing(not regular jelqing) between sets. If you don’t take a 10 minute break between sets, you will have a tougher time getting through your sets and could encounter other issues. Give your penis a little breather. You were just excercising it for 20 mins straight. Common sense says, give it a little break let him regenerate, get stronger, get blood to the head.

Take your break to go make a sandwhich, take a piss,re-wrap?Fix weights, take some off? Lots of stuff to do, while your penis gets ready for set 2.If your really busy get sets in whenever you can throughout the day, if your at home of course.

I think rest periods depend somewhat on how long you’re hanging. If you’re hanging many hours each day, 10 minutes between sets makes sense. If your total hang time is only a couple hours, I doubt more than a quick refresh between sets is necessary.

BTW, I’ve had better luck hanging for 15-18 minute sets instead of going a full 20 as far as maintaining temperature and sensation are concerned. In other words, 4 x 15 minutes with short breaks between works better for me than 3 x 20 minutes even with long breaks.

Between sets I massage and/or do a few jelq strokes. Lately, I’ve been doing some “Firegoat rolls” — rolling the penis between my hands. I’ve also been doing some manual stretching between sets.

>If your really busy get sets in whenever you can throughout the day, if your at home of course.

I’ve never tried that. I’ve only recently started hanging again after several years away from PE, but when I was into it before I tracked my BPFSL closely to see what was going on. I measured often enough to be quite good at tracking minor changes. I needed 3 sets in a row to reach my expected 1/8” post-session increase. The post-session increase gradually tapered off over many hours.

I’m not sure that single sets spread throughout the day would provide the same cumulative effect as sets done all in a row. Maybe worse, maybe the same, maybe better. As I said, I haven’t tried it. I prefer to attain a good “worked” feeling during each hanging session.

I would massage my penis until it was warm and full of blood with a slight fluff and than start again, 3-5 minutes.

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I have taken on the advice, I am now having a 1 minute heated rest between hanging sets. My head girth, shaft girth and base girth are not increasing with the above routine, but my NBPEL and BPEL are. Is this normal with a hanging intensive routine? Do other hangers experience girth gains?

Sounds normal. Hanging is primarily for length. Girth gains are highly variable. It has been known to produce girth for some, particularly at the base.


With hanging in general, is it normal to loose girth? I have lost about 0.1 inches girth (MSEG) despite keeping up my routine, should I give my dick a break or alter the hanging sets?

You could try eliminating the jelqing, Ulis and bending. Hanging is stressful. Adding in that other stuff would be too much for me.

In my humble opinion yes,I think yes indeed rest time are necessary how long depends on you and how your unit responds. I normally use 10 min rest periods as a basis sometimes I may take longer until I feel my unit is warm and back to “normal” sometimes shorter.

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