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Approaching Mach 9"

Approaching Mach 9"

I don’t want to speak too soon. I received the Bib maybe 6 weeks ago and have been hanging maybe 1 1/2 on average daily and sometimes more up to 7 1/2 pounds which right now is pretty heavy for me. When I feel fatique I feel burning at the base and then drop in weight or stop. All of a sudden today I noticed that after hanging and while still wrapped I was measuring out to 8’ flaccid without any real bone pressing. This is maybe 3/4 inch or an inch more than a couple of months back. I have scar tissue from an old lengthening surgery 10 years ago and I am thinking that already I am stretching that out and quite possibly pulling out the inside of my penis that had been released back then but then contracted post op. I can’t say. Perhaps its new cell growth or perhaps it is just stretching the ligaments on a consistent and disciplined schedule. Somedays I am literally hanging light at 5 pounds for 3 hours in 15 minute sets. And one other thing. I pump on occasion maybe 2x a week for 45 minutes. This does seem to stretch and relax the ligaments. Then hanging the next day, my unit seems to stretch out longer and easier. I can’t really say other than Bigger’s contraption is a serious piece of equipment. I know for sure I am stretching skin and have been hanging mostly with that in mind right off the base of my cock. I’ll bet I now have at least a 1/4 inch and possibly more extra stretched skin up near the head. Anyway just wanted to thank all the participants and take feedback if there is any. I am in no great rush to increase poundage until I feel the resistance and no I can handle it. I started at 3 lbs and am already up to 7 1/2 so thats fine for me. I beleive erect I may be out another 3/8 ’ but to tell the truth I haven’t measured yet and I doubt any of this is cemented yet. Comments? best, JelkyWadHolmes, closing in on first goal of Mach 9”

Sorry, some misprints. I hang an average of 1 1/2 hours daily 6 days a week. Started at 3 lbs. Now up to 7 1/2. I taper off to 5 lbs usually for long hanging. My hang wrapped is out to 8” now at times. I find that keeping the wrap on is pretty important so the tissues don’t retract. I use just a plain Ace bandage wrap for hanging and for traction. Comments? thanks, JelkyWad


It sounds all good. Keep on keeping on, but do not try to move up too fast in weight. Listen to your body, and do what it tells you.



Great going and nice gains indeed!

I think it is interesting that you say you hang for an average of 1 1/2 hrs per day, but only 7.5 lbs.

The more I read about people hanging, the more I am beginning to be convinced that the single most important aspect in hanging is time.

Although using a heavier weight for a shorter time will bring on fatigue, it doesn’t appear to give the same gains as a low weight, long time combination.

Hey jelky, are you doing BTS or OTS or somethign else? Thanks I’d like to know.

Also, I just moved up to 10 pounds OTS cause I wasn’t getting any fatigue at 7.5, should I be moving up so quickly? I started two weeks ago with 5 pounds OTS.

Originally Posted by tacojoe
I just moved up to 10 pounds OTS cause I wasn’t getting any fatigue at 7.5, should I be moving up so quickly? I started two weeks ago with 5 pounds OTS.

I would say no. Give your dick a chance to get conditioned to the weight. Don’t forget all that other soft tissue that we want to preserve and not damage.

No nothing fancy, I just hang straight down from a sitting position whatever that is and I am not trying to move up in weight too fast, its a slow process and 7 lbs 3 weeks ago would not have been tolerable. best,JelkyWad

Good work dude, keep it up and keep us posted :)

Grow long and prosper Start 3/04 Bpel 5.75 Eg 6.25- 6.75 Goal Bpel 7.5 Eg 7.5 :)

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