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Anyone wrap with just theraband alone?

Anyone wrap with just theraband alone?

I’ve tried the cloth under-wrap or overwrap but it just doesn’t feel right, or at least not as effective as with theraband alone. Could be because I have thick girth. I haven’t tried the baby sock thing yet but plan to do it.

Yea I do. The thing is though, when I put on the weights and hang my 7.5 lbs straight out, it seems like the theraband bends supporting the vector force the weight is applying unto it and actually *pinches my skin just like an inch or less behind the head. It’s really annoying. Maybe it’s because I wrap over the head. I dunno. Anyone else experience this? If others do not wrap over the head and hang, then just how do you wrap and still hang correctly?

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I start the wrap about at the circumcision scar line nearest the base, about an inch below the head, as many have recommended, however when I apply the bib I have to attach much nearer the base than the head, as many have not recommended. This allows me hang more weight. I hang using a pulley suspended from the ceiling and I can do 10 lbs with absolutely no problem but when I go to 15-20 lb range the bib and theraband slowly begins to migrate towards the glans and many times I have to remove the bib and adjust the bib and theraband. I want to start hanging closer to 20 lbs but the migration really squeezes the head.

I often use plain Thera when wrapping for girth, but I like some cloth underneath for hanging. I don’t spiral my wrap, so the leading edge is several layers thick and rigid enough to be uncomfortable if it digs into the skin. I unwrap between sets. Peeling Thera off the skin isn’t bad once but causes irritatation when done repeatedly.

>If others do not wrap over the head and hang, then just how do you wrap and still hang correctly?

I used to have to wrap over the head to prevent twisting. I don’t know what changed, but it hasn’t been necessary for a long time now. Twisting is still a problem the few times I’ve tried hanging without any wrap.

I use a strip of thin but dense sweatshirt, about 10-12” long and close to 2” wide. The first turn, especially the edge nearest the head, needs to be somewhat loose. No spiraling, just wrap it around. Then I use a similar strip of gray Thera maybe 1/8” back from the front of the sweatshirt. It’s wrapped the same way, but a little tighter. I don’t bother with tape because I like to unwrap between sets. I hold the edge down to keep it from coming undone as I attach the hanger.

The front of my wrap is usually 3/4” to 1” behind the head. It has to be far enough back to allow enough skin to partially ride over the head when the weight is applied. Either that, or wrap over the head. Leave plenty of skin between or none. If only a little is exposed the leading edge of the wrap will pinch it against the head - not good.


For me, once I started going up in weight, using just theraband hurt like a mofo when taking it off after a hang. Try getting a ribbed t-shirt (aka wife beater shirt) or tank top, and cutting along the lines for your strip of cloth. I use this under my theraband and have had no problems as of yet.

I just use theraband by itself.....

For me it is perfect and I hang as close as I can to the base… In the past I seemed to get better results hanging closer to the base… I m not sure if BIB would agree??????? But anyways… if youre worried about the sticking part just use some talc before doing your theraband wrap…I guess it depends on your girth…. I am able to stay nearly flaccid when applying my bib hanger… but I guess im relatively thick at the base… so… maybe thats why Im happy with just theraband wrap… I did try to use cloth.. a thin old cotton sport sock cut into a strip… but I found i had abetter “feel” just using theraband….For those of you just starting … hanging that is… it works … it has worked for me….

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