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Anyone with a low lot made any gains hanging upwards?


Anyone with a low lot made any gains hanging upwards?

Just found that my lot is very low at about 6.30 which probably explains my lack of (or non noticable) gains after 6 months. From the advice that I read now on the forum it seems that I should stretch upwards to isolate the tunica?

Still others say that hanging downwards will also stretch this area. Well i have not seen any noticable gains here.

Should I hang over the shoulder? If so what sort of gains have other low lot-ers had?


I have a low lot (6 to 7) and I have had slow gains over a two year period of hanging. The best gains came after I started hanging straight up. Once I started doing that, I had a half inch gain in three months. My lot is moving up some since I started hanging.

I don’t know what my LOT is - I never paid much attention to it. But, like Dearhunter I made a solid ½ inch gain in about three months hanging straight up.

Then (4.5 nbpel x 4.75 mseg)

Now (5.625 nbpel, x 5.25 mseg)

deerhunter and Dick Builder this is some good news because after 6 months of btc toil with no gains i’d happily take that half inch.

Some questions

1) Could you quickly give me details of your hanging routine?

2) After the quick half inch gain did gains just stop coming?

3) Do you still hang down these days?

4) Do you think you’ll have any future gains?

5) Do you think that half inch is from the shaft or ligs?

6) Do you think your gains will have to be maintained with some hanging for the rest of your life? do you think they are permenant?

Hopy you can answer some of these questions. Thanks

1) I divided my hanging routine into one or two sessions, three sets in the morning and evening, every day with manual fulcrum stretches spread throughout the day every two to four hours.

2) No, I started to have problems with hanger attachment due to a lack of skin. So, I began focusing on skin stretching techniques. But, I kind of lost the drive and the time necessary for me to dedicate to a hanging routine. I went from 4.5 to 5.5 in length and a significant increase in girth, especially at the base, in about seven months. I’ve spent the last few months just enjoying it.

3) No

4) Yes!

5) Personally, I don’t believe you gain length from stretching the ligs. I believe you stretch the ligs first in order to remove them from the equation, when hanging at the upper angles; which allows you to strain both the inner and outer penis. I think all my gains are from the tunica. But, who knows?

6) Permanent.

Then (4.5 nbpel x 4.75 mseg)

Now (5.625 nbpel, x 5.25 mseg)

That’s some awsome gains Dick Builder. Really envy you. Glad you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor. For sure the girth is a massive increase.

Did the girth come from hanging too? What sort of weights were you hanging? I hear you have to hang more over your shoulder? Also when you started hanging had you already got all your gains from jelqing already? I just ask this because it’s not uncommon for people to gain an inch from jelqing and I fear too many people start jelqing and hanging at the same time gain a quick inch and think that this inch comes from hanging.

I sometimes think that I couldn’t maintain 2 hours a day of hanging. Maybe just 5-6 hours a week. But then if the gains are permenant and i can get those gains in 6 months then it might be worth it.

ps. what’s fulcrum stretches?

I have this image in my head of people standing on their heads hanging stuff from their junk. This is not what you mean when you say hanging upwards right?

Yeah, they mean OTS (over the shoulder).


That’s one way…

Another is that you install a pull up bar then you must from your legs hang over the edge of the pull up bar with the weights hanging downwards.

The third way of course is to just to attach a piece of rope to the hanger and throw it (well place) it over your shoulder.

By the way dickbuilder and deerhunter958 - do you both use heat?

Oh another question with upwards hanging do you have to feel a pull on the ligs for it to be effective?

You could also make one of these———————> Equipment photos

Then (4.5 nbpel x 4.75 mseg)

Now (5.625 nbpel, x 5.25 mseg)

Dick Builder - sorry to bump this thread up but can you tell me more about your routine in terms of how much you hang over the shoulder and if you use heat etc?

So far so good been hanging allday done 2 hours. Hanging up though I feel no pull on the ligs. Is this normal. I mean usually after 2 hours hanging down I would feel the ligs.

Oh nice pully system. I just sling the weights over my shoulder.

Yes, I used heat. A small icy/hot bag put in the microwave for about 30 seconds and wrapped around the shaft as close to the base as possible on every set. I did manuals that targeted different areas of the tunica throughout the day so, most of the time I would feel the fatigue in the shaft but, sometimes at the base and even the inner penis. It was as if the ‘next limiting factor’ sort of presented itself. So, yes I would sometimes feel it in the ligs. But it was a different feeling than hanging at the lower angles. I generally didn’t feel it up into my abdomen like I did hanging down. It was very located at the base or pubic bone. I can’t tell you the exact weight as it varied from about five pounds to sixteen, depending on fatigue. But, most of the time I was around seven pounds. There are some really good threads over on bibs forum on managing fatigue.

Then (4.5 nbpel x 4.75 mseg)

Now (5.625 nbpel, x 5.25 mseg)

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