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Anyone who happily converted from a Bib to a Vac?


Nope, but while the extended length of course lasts only as long as I wear the ADS, the glans remain engorged for some time (30/60 minutes at least) after I removed it.

In the end, I think it’s an interesting contribution towards head gains.

There are pros and cons with either hanger type. I’m also curious to hear about anyone who has used a Bib extensively like Big Girtha, but still prefers VAC hanging.

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
The advantages to vacuum hanging:

1: Comfort, one can hang for hour long sets in relative comfort.
2. Safety: The device does not cut off circulation or put pressure on the urethra.
3:Pulls from the tip: Which I feel causes less skin stretch.
4: Ease of use: For me not having to deal with wrapping, and adjusting saves time.


1: Buying the sleeves can get expensive, because they will eventually tear.

When I say school is still out on the hanger’s effectiveness. I mean that I personally, have not yet seen any erect length gains, although I have seen significant flaccid length gains, which is all I’m really interested in. But I’ve only been using the hanger extensively for several months, now, so it is too early to tell.

I just like the concept of pulling from the tip, and I know this is increasing the length of my flaccid hang. Stand in front of a mirror in a brisk room stretch your dick out to its maximum flaccid stretch length, then let go of the tip. Watch how your flaccid retracts, or turtles inside. It does not move inside the fat pad as a whole unit, but rather shrivels or sort of telescopes into itself. To me when I hang weight pulling from the tip it just feels to me as if the hang, unturtles the internal structures, kind of un-retracting the telescoped shaft, for a lack of better words, like pulling the tunica out from within itself.

I have two Bib hangers, both the original, and the starter. They are both bloodstained and well used. These hangers are very well made, and make the possibility of hanging enormous amounts of weights a reality. There is no doubt about this. I’m just no longer convinced that hanging massive amounts of weight is necessary.

But don’t get me wrong, here. I have great respect of the legendary Bib and his hanger, not to mention the contributions he has made to this community. If used with reasonable weights in the manner he suggests you use the device it works fine. However, the device does two things that I don’t like. One, it cuts off circulation. Two: it puts a lot of pressure on the urethra. I sustained several injuries using this hanger; of course I was abusing the device with weights up to 40 pounds.

On my last injury, I actually took the Bib Hanger to my urologist and put the device in her hands for an evaluation, or for her personal opinion. I also showed her all the other devices I was using at the time of the injury. She honestly felt that it was the Bib hanger that had cause the injury, and not the CableClamps, or the pump, although she said that the CableClamps too were dangerous, but did not think they had caused the injury.

I think the Bib hanger is the best choice for weights over 20 pounds, but the vacuum hanger handles 15 pounds with comfort for an hour without cutting circulation or squeezing my beaten and battered urethra. For me the choice is simple. I just need to get the hang of making these sleeves.

Excellent and very insightful post. :up: Amen to underlined part. :)

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

I’ve decided on a vac hanging, as I already do something similar when I sometimes pump. I pack the tube easily, and all the pressure is focused on the head and the “ends” of the corpus cavernosa, that sit erect under the glans. It seems that when I did weekly sets edge-ing in the tube with just enough suction to engorge the head while on large supplement days, I achieved some permanent focused girth gains in only the head and upper shaft, evening out my girth. I’m now noticably over 6” girth below the head, and I used to be much thinner like 5.5” girth under the head just a year ago or so.

The vac hanging will serve two purposes….furtjer evening out my girth to the base, and increasing length, the two things I’ve been aspiring to finally do.

What is the current best vac hanger on the market in terms of highest weight capability and durability?

Current size: BPEL: 7.9" EG: 6.75"

Realistic goal: BPEL: 9.25" EG: 7.5"

Unrealistic surgical goal: 12" x 8.5" :)


Do you have any advice for how to comfortably wear the VACADS?

I bought both Monty`s PE weights and the VACADS, but I ended up using the PE weights exclusively because I could find out how to wear the VACADS comfortably.

I recall one incident where my penis literally went numb when using the VACADS. It really scared me and I have not used it since.

I think I`m going to give it one more shot though as I think it is a great tool if one can learn to use it.

Originally Posted by Renholder
Do you have any advice for how to comfortably wear the VACADS?
I recall one incident where my penis literally went numb when using the VACADS. It really scared me and I have not used it since.

The first thing it’s just an ‘equipment issue’: it’s fundamental in my opinion to use properly sized cap.
I began using the vacADS with the old standard cap, which was rather small (or, as I like to think, I have a bigger flaccid girth than I thought): very uncomfortable if you’re above 5” EG (assuming the flaccid is someway proportionally scaled), not to mention the bruises and signs left on the glans.

Apart from that, I think the only possible advices are the usual ones:
- No water or moisture (of any kind) inside.
- Slow gradual increase in pressure/force.
- Slow gradual increase in time. If your penis goes numb you’re probably wearing the ads for too long.
- Be careful with fingernails: they can both scratch your skin and (above all) damage the sleeve.

When I use it, with the sleeve rolled over the cap (it’s the one you can see in this picture) I just push the glans in to minimize the air left inside.
I don’t do anything else to avoid air inside - for example, I do not push further once the sleeve have been unrolled, nor I use auxiliary sleeves (to avoid fluid build-up or so).

I don’t know what else to say; actually, I really think it’s a matter of conditioning.
If you have any question, of course feel free to ask.

An update about using the vacads for hanging: I finally built the weight&cord system to hang properly, so I can now easily measure the force I can apply. I’d say the pressure given by the waist-wrapped elastic band I’ve been using so far is about 3 or 4 lbs (1.5Kg).

Using the new device, I easily succeeded in hanging 4Kg (~9lbs) for 20/30 minutes sets, with no particular negative effective due to the vacuum pressure. Since there’s no circulation cut off the penis cooling down is limited.

I’ll gradually increase the weight over time to some more (maybe 15lbs); still cannot imagine how or why the vacads cap/silicone sleeve could (or should) break down.
Again, it seems to be all a matter of glans conditioning the higher and higher pressures. Not sure what the possible consequences of this conditioning could be.


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