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Anyone wanting to sell a Bib`s hanger?


Anyone wanting to sell a Bib`s hanger?

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has a Bib`s hanger that he wants to sell…

I would have bought one but I have only just checked the site and I am 2 days late.

I offer 125% of the original price for a new one and 75% for a second hand one.

Thanks for your attention.

Damn, I should have ordered 100 and sold them on the black market!

Bib scalpers!

The "average size" is usually over-estimated. Small guys don't take part in surveys and big guys jump at the chance.

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I think I’ll wait to sell mine, hopefully, like muscle cars,

I can expect them to be going for, Oh, over 100x their original price.

EZ Rider,

I don’t know about 100x, but 150% for sure.

I wonder if anybody is going to manufacture them, and take on where bigger left off. There’s a lot of hangers, and money, to be made. *lightbulb….

Yeah, provided you buy the patent off Bigger otherwise he is going to be one rich SOB suing your ass off!

He could of probably sold them at higher if he wanted to.

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Originally Posted by Andrew69
Yeah, provided you buy the patent off Bigger otherwise he is going to be one rich SOB suing your ass off!

I’d use geometry similar to the bib, except use sheet metal with rounded edges and silicone inside the sheet metal. Or maybe I should just leave it alone.:D

Reverse-engineering BIBtech!

It might be possible to clone the bibhanger, but the devil’s in the detail. How to get it to work just-so, like BIB made them.


Just changing the material it is made out of will still be in breach of the patent as a patent is granted on the “way” something works, not what it looks like.

A good patent application will not include any diagrams of the apparatus that is being patented such that there may be more than one way for the apparatus to be built as described in the patent specification that was not originally conceived by the inventor, but works on the same principle as the invention. In this way, the inventor affords himself or herself greater protection under the patent than would otherwise be possible with a patent specification which includes a diagram.

For example, if Bib got himself a good patent attorney than the specification would have said something like it is tightened down by way of threaded rods and that automatically protects Bigger against any other hanger that uses some kind of thread device (screw, bolt, whatever) to tighten down ensuring his is the only one with that feature.He could have said that it is shaped in two halfs and internally it has ribs.

Bingo, anything even remotely like a Bib is finished.

What material have the BIB inside for padding?
I wanna make a confortable one, but i don’t how, the silicon strips works well but it’s not perfect…

Can you give me an advice?

CURRENT 7.1" x 5" (8" stretched) ----> GOAL 8" x 6" NBP

Semen retentum venenum est

The bib hanger has some kind of gel inside for padding which is moulded into the hanger. The exact material is apparently a well guarded secret. It is much softer than silicone..but also more fragile.

Like Polyurethane foam?

CURRENT 7.1" x 5" (8" stretched) ----> GOAL 8" x 6" NBP

Semen retentum venenum est

No I don’t think so. It it a clear yellowish coloured gel that is very soft. It does not have any “bubbles” trapped within it.

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