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Anyone tried a "cable clamp band"?

Anyone tried a "cable clamp band"?

I want to build some kind of wench to aid my streching, so I went to the local hardware store.
The best alternative I could find, was this:…6-30_111222.jpg

The black one is made of nylon, and can be reopened. Has anyone experimented with something similar? Can it provide a good tight grip?

I’d be really nervous about something that skinny cutting off all circulation, even with a wrap. Better wait till some of the old timers weigh in, but I think I’d avoid it.

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I doubt that it would be useful. First you would have to use considerable pressure to get the tightness you require. which would probably mean tightening it with a pair of pliers . And if something slipped you would have a badly gashed dick.

Second it is probably too narrow in width and would tear the skin as you tightened it. Using a cloth underneath would reduce the power applied to your skin so would greatly reduce the actual power applied to your dick.

Also a cloth would get in the way of trying to tighten the whole thing
Although they can be opened on something very hard, you might find it rather more difficult as it is embedded into your dick.

I, personally, wouldn’t try it

Sorry clg we were obviously hard at it together there . - typing that is

Ya that seems like a bad idea.

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I’ll see if I can find another alternative in another hardware store.

It’s amazing that no place seem to sell the clamp that is so discussed on this forum :(

Cable Clamps

There are these thicker, more substantial, reusable cable clamps which I have been using (two together). You have to wrap really well first. Then I use an metal “S” hook to hang weights from. You can get them at Home Depot or Lowe’s. I believe the brand name is “Cable Clamps.” I originally learned of them through Monty at PEWeights. He uses them in conjunction with fabricating a Captain’s Wrench-like device.

And you can see a picture of them if you scroll down to the bottom of this page:

They are plastic and they do break. Put the “S” hook on the thicker part of the clamp, not the thinner more delicate locking arm of the clamp. They’re pretty cheap though.

I am able to hold more weight more comfortably with my Bib Hanger though.



Hey y’all - in Sweden we call these “cat stranglers”.


these do not open, you need to cut them off. At ELFA and other site you can see these but reusable, so you can snip them open without using a knife or pliers. Better yet, you can actually order proper (?) clamps from here: found cableclamps in sweden

The other alternative is to use hose clamps (slangklämmor) but the best kind, the one that has a little wingnut attached doesn’t seem to be available here, we’re stuck with the oldstyle screwdriver / nut version.

regards, mgus

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I use a old networkcable for clamping, works fine.

I have actually experimented with two (slangklämmor) a while, and it seem to provide a good firm grip. It feels a little dangerous though, tightening it with a sharp screwdriver a few millimeter from my wiener. I wrap kinda thick, so a slip doesn’t end up in pain and suffering.

Though I have noticed, that I can’t hang. My skin is WAAY to floppy, stretched, whatever. After reading a lot of threads that indicate that hangning uncircumcised is barely possible, I have given up the whole idea. I will focus completely on manual stretching now, see where it leads.

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