Anyone gain permanent girth from hanging?

Hi guys,

As I seem to have a hard time gaining girth and I’m considering getting back to hanging anyway, I’d like to ask what experience people here have with hanging and increase in girth.

There is no doubt in my mind that hanging works for length work. At least for me. But I’m not so sure about girth since I’ve been sloppy measuring it.

I do THINK that hanging has given me more base girth. And this seems to be common from what I hear. I’m also pretty sure that whenever I start hanging again, my EQ improves and my penis does seem a little more girthy for the whole shaft, but I have always thought that maybe this is some swelling as a result of using a clamp style hanger (the Bib Starter).

Anyone have any experiences to share here? Anyone gaining girth for the whole shaft, not just the base? Maybe someone been better measuring than me?

Thanks in advance! :)