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Anyone else clamp after hanging


Anyone else clamp after hanging

I’ve been enjoying clamping a bit after hanging. Typical routine is like this:

Hanging: 3-5 sets, 10-15mins per set, 5-15lbs depending on hanging method
Clamping with edging - 2-3 sets, 10 min clamp with edging.

Just wonder girth work like this is counter productive to length work.

Jelqing would probably be a better choice after hanging. But if you feel happy with the clamping, try it for a while; if you are well conditioned it should be OK.

Thanks firegoat.

I did newbie for almost 4 months. Started mixing in clamping and some pumping for a couple months and have now been hanging 2 months. The newbie and, I think, jelquing in particular was really lowering EQ. Since I’ve been hanging and clamping, my EQ has been steadily great. Ill stick with it for a while. The one thing I have noticed is that I feel, look, longer immediately after hanging.but then Ill clamp which causes me to feel thicker.but not as long. Could all be perception, but just something I’ve noticed.

I do a 1-2 sets of clamping after my hanging sets are done. I haven’t seen any noticeable gains though. Worth a try though.

Bib says doing girth work can cause hanger attachment problems and instead I should ideally switch the clamping for some jelqs.

I know jelqes are at the heart of all this and I did my newbie jelques for months. But man, I freaking hate jelqing. I haven’t noticed any hanger issues so far but my EQ is still phenomenal.

Any issues with clamping BEFORE you do some hanging?

Originally Posted by Farkas

Any issues with clamping BEFORE you do some hanging?

Greatly increased chance of discolouration. Stretching the ligs first with hanging will allow you the maximum length when clamping afterwards; clamping first may pre-tire the tunica etc., but the ligs are more likely to take the weight hanging, if you are hanging straight down. So clamping after hanging makes more sense. :)

When I clamp I tend to hold it at the base. I do this after hanging, I’m kind of paranoid that perhaps it’s pushing the penis in a little bit which effects results. What do you think Firegoat?

I don’t think you need worry Audi.

Hi guys new to this site whats clamping mean?

Originally Posted by hairybutt
Hi guys new to this site whats clamping mean?

Don’t worry about it. Check back in 6 months after the newbie routine.

Thanks FG, appreciate the response. :-)

I personally do hanging and clamping and making good gains with it. You see I never bought into that whole girth work hindering length gains mumbojumbo.

The purpose of hanging is to plasticly deform the tunica and ligs to a greater level of tissue mass and elasticity using an outside force with no blood involved.

The purpose of clamping is to also to plasticly deform the tunica to a greter level of of tissue mass and elascity using extreme blood engorgment. It’s all the same thing but we’re using different tactics to achieve it.

Greater tissue mass when flaccid will result in a bigger erection when hard.

I do my length work in the morning and through out the day then I do my girth/clamping work in the evenings.

(Starting size) (NBPEL: 8 Inches), (BPEL: 8.5 Inches) (BPFSL: Didn't measure then), (Midshaft Girth: 5.2 Inches), (Base Girth: 5.5 Inches)
(Current size) (NBPEL: 9.3 Inches), (BPEL: 9.7 Inches), (BPFSL: 10.3 Inches), (Midshaft Girth: 5.8 Inches), (Base Girth: 6.35 Inches)
(Final Goal) To be the next Mandingo LOL.


Dude you have a 9.3 inch dick and you are doing p.e? That’s classic.

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