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Anyone else clamp after hanging


Originally Posted by ESPNSports
Dude you have a 9.3 inch dick and you are doing p.e? That’s classic.

Read his threads, dude is a visionary. I have prayed on occassion (just in case God exists) to reincarnate me as saiyan when I die, LOL sad but true

Sorry for the late reply - been busy.

ESPNSports - saiyan22 - I have to agree. If I was saiyan22 I probably never would have found this place. But thank god he did :)

Saiyan22 - thanks for the input. I do hear a lot about not working girth with length, but haven’t understood the theory behind the argument. If it’s good enough for you, then it’s good enough for me to try out for a while.

I changed up my hanging last week, but my EQ went to shit. I constructed something for light hanging that attaches directly behind the gland. I was hoping to target a bit more tunic and less ligs.just for a week. Everything felt great, but the EQ doesn’t lie. I’m back to 15lbs on the captains wench for 3 sets of 10-12 mins. Once that’s complete, I try to get in a couple of good, 10min clamps.then Ill clamp when possible throughout the day. I usually try and keep it under 10 sets over 8 hours.


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