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Any tips for guys who are cut tight

Any tips for guys who are cut tight

Hey, been trying to hang for past week and it become very painful cause I am tight cut, and the skin it been pulled to like it feels it going to rip.. Any advice for guys who have been in same situation. I have tried to hang closer to the head, put padding and still nothing. I don’t want to give up cause it seems everyone with an inch of more, have been hanging. At the mo just using the pump.. But it seems the pump rarely give gains. Anyone?

You should hang closer to the base so that you stretch your skin first, this should be done for at least a couple of months so that you make room for your dick to grow in. This is basic stuff for hangers, so read read read and good luck. :)

Thanks Viking.. That sounds painful lol

And maybe go visit Bib’s forum as well for extra input regarding hanging, it’s a haven of hanging info. No disrespect to TP.

Painful, but common practice. ;)

You will have to stretch the skin first, just go very light on the weight till it gets more comfortable. Hanging can take awhile to work out but it is effective.

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Yeah, I agree on effective. I am seriously inspired for the gains. So many guys walking around on the street thinking this is a joke, but if they knew, they could gain like 1.5 inches more, it would be a national epidemic! I am not a fan of jelqing / stretching as the bones in my hands are always left aching for days.

Shame I have to start closer to the base. I know they say start at like 2lb but what’s the minimum weight used for a long period of time someone would see results?

Usually the start weight is 2.5lbs since the weights usually come in that size. Then add a plate whenever you feel you can handle it maybe after a week, then when you no longer feel like you are getting enough pull on the ligs you add another weight. I have read that some use milk containers (plastic) and add water to them to add weight if you don’t have a weight set. I have also read that Bib would hang between 15 to 20 lbs daily but the amount should not of weight is not the goal, the feeling of pull or the stretch and slight soreness in the ligs should be what you are looking for. I have used different angles to apply more pull using the same amount of weight, for instance if your usual angle of attack is straight down (SD) then try leaning back in your chair to get a little more pull with the same weight (referred to as Between The Cheeks (BTC)). Again always go with what you are feeling, if it HURTS then STOP do not cause yourself INJURY. Make sure that you have all the info that you need technique is more important than weight, while you are using light weight read read read.

I should have mentioned that proper warm up (hot towel wrap) and some vitamin E oil or a good skin cream in the area where you are feeling the pain of the stretch will help with the healing of the skin and possibly add to some elasticity to same. Good luck

Based on your questions, this thread should be very helpful. It also has links and info from Bib, which I agree VikingWhore- is a very good resource.

Hanging 101

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