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Any reliable, tried and tested vacuum hangers?


Any reliable, tried and tested vacuum hangers?

I can’t start another thread in the hangers section for some reason, so I’ll just post this here.

I have and have used, and attempted to use a bib starter, but I’m having so many problems with it, most likely due to my own individual sensitivity threshold. So, I wanna try a vacuum hanger. Even a noose hanger sounds less painful to my unit right now (although, they’re still not preferable)

If any of you guys have tried one or a couple, your input will be super appreciated. What I’m REALLY looking for in whatever hanger gets recommended to me is just the fact that people have ACTUALLY made gains with it. Everything else is secondary, but writing whatever details those are (safety concerns, long term problems, etc.) would still be great too.

I picked up the Vac Extender and have been using it the past 6 days now. It’s very comfortable and easy to put on / take off once you have done it a couple times.

I can’t comment on how well it works as I am only using 2.5lbs, but I can’t see how it wouldn’t work. With the red sleeves (optional), people have hung up to 20lbs so you can get a nice workout with it.

But ya, so far I like it and have no complaints. I got the newest model, 4.2, after reading about blisters with the previous models.

Good luck

I use the vacADS (4.1 version) also and attribute most of my length gains to hanging (1.25” over the past few years). I’m up to 7.5 pounds now but completely micro tape my head during use to minimize the chances for blisters. I typically go for one hour sessions once or twice per day.

That’s pretty great for 7.5lb. How high can you go with it, and why are you staying on just 7.5lb?

the bibhanger is a little tricky to use, imo the best hanger out there should be one of the vacuum, you should considered whether you’re cut or uncut to make your decision. you can make and try the noose hanger first.

I’ve had the grip system for 10 years and it still works. I’ve been able to gain with it when I’ve had the time/privacy to use it.

TheGrip and the LG Hanger seem to be the only two and are both tried and tested. I have the Grip and will be looking into the LG Hanger. I used to have a Max-Vac and Max-vac 2 but the owner ran the company into the ground. I loved the Max-Vacs but the Grip is pretty reliable. The only downsides to the Grip that I have is I no longer have a vacuum hand-pump with pressure gauge so its hard to judge pressure within the tube and harder to hold steady pressure and to hang above 8 lbs I have to wrap the outer sheath with electrical tape like 10inchadvantage used to do. I heard the LG Hanger took the concept of the Grip and improved upon it so it can accomodate heavier weights, up to 25 lbs I believe, maybe more if you apply the electrical tape trick. I wouldn’t count a Vacuum ADS as Vacuum Hanging because the heavier weight isn’t going to be an option for you.

Time and privacy have been an issue since I got The Grip and I’m focusing on manual tunica work but I did gain really well with the Max-Vac, which the LG Hanger sort of looks like. My only beef with the vacuum hangers is they are so damn expensive for plastic cylinders and silicone sheaths. People talk about blisters and they are very real threats but if you get your taping down right and progress slowly you should have no problems.

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Originally Posted by Jaaawwwiii
That’s pretty great for 7.5lb. How high can you go with it, and why are you staying on just 7.5lb?

I have just started with 7.5lbs. I started with 2.5lbs, then when gains stopped moved to 5lbs. I stayed at 5bls until the gains again stopped and have now moved to 7.5lbs. I know those are big jumps in weight but I happen to have little 2.5lb plates for weightlifting that work well for me. So for me right now 7.5lbs is all the weight I need and honestly I’m trying to grow a longer penis, not a stronger penis (I read that on Thunders Place somewhere) so using the least weight possible while still gaining is my goal.

I know the device I use is called the vacADS on the auto extender site but I don’t use it for all day stretching. I use it for hanging. One hour sessions are not a problem and judicious use of micro foam tape over the glans keeps the blisters away.

For what it’s worth I have the Bib starter and I never have spent the time to learn to use it. the vac hanging is just so simple as so far has been affective so I’m going to stick with it until I hit a weight that requires my learning to use the Bib starter.


Okay, so it’s either TheGrip system or the LG hanger then I guess? Hmm.. I’m just as of recently hearing about both of these, so I wouldn’t really know the pros and cons of each. I’d love to hear if anyone can report actual gains with either of these hangers. Especially the LG hanger, ‘cause it’s relatively new, and I haven’t seen anyone say they’ve gained with it yet. Also, the LG hanger site could use some proofreading, which just makes want a little more forum reassurance before considering it.

Don’t count out the Vac Extender 4.2. So far it’s awesome and with the improved fitted caps and ability to draw out the air, I don’t see any possibility of getting blisters unless being careless.

Before buying I had looked into the LG but with the cap design, it leaves possibility for blisters which scare me lol.

Oh yea! Started reading back from the 3rd post and missed yours.

Hmm.. Okay! 20lb is pretty good. I’m a bit confused though.. Is it an extender, or a hanger?

And umm.. Not insinuating anything, but it is a little bit weird how your only two posts are in this thread

I’m new to hanging, thus, I just signed up. I am just your average Joe with no affiliation.

The Vac Extender 4.2 that I purchased can be used to hand, hook to an extender or use as a ADS with the supplied leg strap.

I originally purchased to hook to my X4 extender since the comfort strap hurt and would turn my glans blue within 10 min, but while waiting for my Vac Extender to arrive, I was researching and decided to hang instead.

I have also attached a pic of my receipt (says moderator has to approve pic) to show I purchased and at full price like everyone else.

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Well, I mean, I’d assume a full price receipt would actually be extremely easy to obtain if you actually were affiliated, because you could just have one produced, BUT I BELIEVE YOU! :D

Okay, I’m pretty sold on this thing already. One thing though (not really a deciding factor, but I’m curious), do you have to decide if you wanna use it as a hanger, extender, or ADS; or can you hang for lig stretching, whilst extending for tunica work and do for hours at a time? That’d be like the holy trifecta! Plus I imagine it wouldn’t feel too uncomfortable because I’d have two attachment points (cause It’s an extender) instead of one, like with the bibs.

Oh, and you said “hook to an extender”, does that mean I need to buy another extender from another manufacturer? Actually, this question depends on the first for whether or not is relevant, but whatever!

There’s no reason to buy the Grip because it has no advantage over the LG. The LG can handle over 20 lbs, while the Grip is only made to go up to 8 lbs. There are mods to increase the max weight with the Grip, but not by much. The soft parts on the Grip are also thin and need to be replaced frequently, which is expensive.

I’ve never used any of the monkeybar products, but the LG is obviously better because you can hook a hand pump up to it, instead of sucking on a hose to remove air and not knowing what hg you’re at.

The worst thing for me with vacuum hanging was that it was often painful on the tip of the glans and it made the skin on my glans very dry. It’s was more comfortable than compression hanging for me until around 15 lbs. I could’ve made it better by doing shorter sets and less total time per day (I was doing 2 sets a day, each at 1 hour 30 minutes and I was over 19 lbs for a while), but I went back to a Bib Hardcore instead.

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