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Any Ideas?

Any Ideas?

I’m looking for a way to stretch while I sleep, anyone know of any methods? Feel free to share.

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Bed fowfers? You stick your penis in between your buttchecks and hope it doesn’t fall out. Baby Powder works.

Maybe a light traction wrap.. anything tight or any kind of weight will make it go numb overnight.

In addition to that, it honestly doesn’t matter if you’re stretching it while you sleep. If you hang enough, for example a set before bed and a set when you wake up, and throughout the day, you’ll more than pull out the folds that tried to heal when you were asleep.

An ADS.. in other words, a stretcher that works when you’re awake and able to tell if your dick is going numb or hurting and such, is good.

Taking the night off does not hurt in the long run.


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I second what lostracco says.
Fowfers are the only real “safe” type of PE to do while you sleep.

I’ve found that I can keep my penis in this state for most of the night.
Though I do find the urge to pee at odd times greater when I do bed fowfers.

I don’t do the full “in between your butt-cheeks” fowfer. More just a slight stretch in between the thighs. Still gives me a larger than normal flaccid hang and a looser penis in the morning though.

I agree with Lostracco. There’s no reason to PE while sleeping in conjunction with a hanging routine. I assume you’re hanging?

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