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Any Cemented Gains from Vacuum Hanging?

Any Cemented Gains from Vacuum Hanging?

Hey guys,

I was wondering whether anyone has actually had some cemented gains from Vacuum Hanging? From everything that I read, V-Hanging seems like the next best thing, but is still a relatively new concept. I have read one thread where someone said they gained about .5 inch from V-hanging, but are there any more guys out there that have gained a decent amount?


So far I have gained about 1,3cm in BPEL from vacuum hanging.

Awesome - thanks for the reply. Any others?

It is nothing new. Just hanging with another hanger.

Some do the bib, others the redi, now we have the vacuum hanger…

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

Isn’t Vacuum Hangin a completely different concept from the simple vice-style clamp hangers such as the Bib? Granted, both are “hangers” but the techniques and just about everything associated with them are different with vacuum hanging versus hangers like the Bib.

The vacuum thing is the only new thing about it.

That is the thing that is so great about it.
You only have the chance of fluid build up, but you probably knew that already.

The rest is just hanging.

I am gonna order one for myself.

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

Indeed, I am looking forward to buying one for myself pretty soon. The learning curve seems a little steep, but it’ll be well worth it… I hope.

I’ve used a BIB before and didn’t gain anything at all (I think I’m a hard gainer), so that is why I place a lot of hope on the Vacuum Hangers.

Just like anon said, this is only a different attachment method, hanging is hanging. Since you did not gain using the BIB you must go over your hanging routine PErules. And there is little to no learning curve to vacuum hanging. I promise you both that you will love it!

Vacuum hanging is just a different way of attaching weight. I have never had luck with the other hangers, bib, wench,etc; I could hang weight, just not very much weight. I finally got a vacuum hanger and am currently hanging 10 lbs with no problems.

babbis how long did it take to get those gains, and what was your routine?


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