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Answer these questions 3

Answer these questions 3

So, i’ve got a fair amount of time on my hands and I think i’m going to start hanging. So I have three questions

Where can I buy a Bib hanger? What kind of package does it come in? Can you do money order?

Thanks for your help guys and keep on keeping on.

Oh, I got one more thing to ask. At about 7.1 x 5.8 bp, what do you think is a reasonable goal? I know this is somewhat unique to each person, but ballpark it, if you could.

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This is where you can buy it: and I believe his web site answers your other questions.

The Bib is a good choice. It is the best device I have purchased. Everyone’s gains are going to be different. Obviously the routine you use wiill determine if you gain at your best potential. Be sure to check out the forum Bib has to become knowledgable about how to accomplish your goals.

Good luck!


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