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ANS, All Night Stretching Device

ANS, All Night Stretching Device

Anybody know if any of these are still on the market. I bought one 9 years ago but couldn’t use it much due to relationship issues. The principle was simple. Attach a string or loop around the penis using strong medical tape extend it while laying prone out over the edge of your bed and then hang a weight from the end of it then go to sleep. Wake up each morning after static stretching with light weight for 8 hours. I’m wondering if the guy who sold me this is still selling them. I can’t remember his name or the name of the product, I do remember that it never hurt my penis but it took getting used to falling asleep that way and the tape would sometimes unstick in the middle of the night causing the weight to fall to the bedroom floor. Neither my girlfriend nor her pet poodle appreciated that too much. Anybody know anything about this? best,JelkyWad

What happened to your nocturnal erections?

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG


I would never advocate doing any type of PE while you sleep. The risk is just too high. Plus, there is no reason to. The vast majority of guys can deliver the stresses needed during their waking hours.

Just one little mistake and you could bury your penis before you are through with it.


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