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Another homemade hanger :-)

Another homemade hanger :-)

Old idea but just a different way.

You need:

cable clamp

This is what I did. Put the open end
of the sock over your shaft, then the
theroband over that, and then clamp it
down. Whats good about this it when
clamp down the cable clamp is more of
a oval so you can place it so that the
pressure is on the side of the shaft
and won’t hurt the nerves running on top.
Then slid the wieght on and notted up the
sock at the bottom.

I never hung before (got up to 7in
without) but I did 2x of 20 min the
last two day and no pain pretty
confortable actually.

How close to your glans does the clamp get and how much weight did you use?

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about a inch down and only 5 pounds right now.

Its proubaly not the best one but atleast you can control

were the pressure is being placed at on your shaft

since the clamp is oval I turned it so the smaller

part of the clamp is on the sides so most of the downward

pressure is there.

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