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Another DYI hanger (simple!)

Another DYI hanger (simple!)

Yes, I admit, I “invented” this because I didn’t feel like going through hardware shops in search of PVC tubing and whatnot.

Having some bodybuilding background, I had a pair of “hi-tech” wrist supports (instead of the typical cloth wraps, these cost me around $15 but they saved my wrists at the time) and I had this nagging feeling in my head they could be used for something similar to Bib’s original hanger.

I haven’t been into hanging but since I just can’t get any more length from jelqing, I had to take a new direction. Some of you might remember me from the Ezboard as being a fast gainer, I gained EBPL from 5.87” to 6.5” during the on-off PE periods over some 18monts or so, IIRC.

So, here I am, in the hanging forum. :)

I started with LOTS of wrap and a noose, 5.5lbs felt uncomfortable but I managed 3x20min and felt sore (in the ligs) for almost three days afterwards. (my member’s already pretty tough from intense jelqing so when I felt nothing with 2.5lbs I upped the weight immediately. Kids, don’t try this at home.)

…aaanyways, here’s the thing. It’s nothing spectacular but you don’t need to cut or assemble anything, it’s ready to go.


- wrap (loose)
- put the wrist support over the wrap, just like a bib hanger
- put the hose clamp over the whole thing and tighten
- add a string and weights (I use a noose that is being held in place by the hose clamp)
- while hanging, loosen the hose clamp for best balance between support and circulation.

I know, there’s nothing new to this but if you feel curious, ask away. I might be more active in the forums now that I’m into PE again. (BTW, the 5.5lbs didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, so I’m happy with the hanger. With the noose, even with extra padding, I knew 10lbs or more would cut my glans clean off the shaft :( )


PS. If the image attachment doesn’t work, sorry, I’m new to posting pictures…

(edit: There is an attachment, but I can’t see it. Anyone care to help?)

(edit2: OK, I got it. Waiting for the moderators to “moderate” :) )

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Update: I hung 4x20min 5.5lbs yesterday without trouble (very little coldness but moderate coloration albeit temporary, the normal pink returns in less than 20 seconds after I remove the hanger) and I’m hanging 8.25lbs right now. (on my 3rd day of hanging, ever)

Oh, and in case someone’s wondering, there are two of those wrist supports in the scanned picture, but you need only one. I just included that to show the other side.

Sixrod’s rule #1: Most of the comfort comes from the wrap.

I switched my semi- elastic cloth wrap to non-elastic suede- like material that doesn’t stick but has high friction, the wrap is pretty much airtight now and makes hanging a lot easier.


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