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Anchored Hanging

Anchored Hanging

Could a moderator move this if it is not considered suitable for the hanging forum.

This is my first thread so bare with me. I’m not sure if this has been done before so that is why i’m posting.

Ok a little about me. I’m a health nut, 175cm, 77kg and have been into the PE scene consistently since February this year. I started out with the basic newbie routine and gained a little going from 6.5bpel to 6.75bpel but quickly realised my limiting factor, the dreaded Buck’s fascia or septum or dorsal thickening or whatever you wish to call it. I have the trademark upwards curve assosciated with this. I quickly added BTC stretches and assisted V stretches to my routine and gained some more in the girth dept believe it or not.

I then plateau’d again so I added a pump to my routine. No gauge. I would just pump at the highest possible pressure for a short period of time then continue with my routine mentioned above, all this is done in the shower under very hot water, I repeat all this for 3 sometimes 4 sets depending on how long the hot water lasts. This has taken me to 7bpel. Now I know most of you say to not pump without a gauge or to not pump at intense pressures but it was the only way I could get any sort of stretch as my Buck’s fascia is tougher than steel. I pay close attention to my EQ and its consistently awesome. And also no signs of fluid build up.

Recently I have felt a plateau again. Maybe I need a deconditioning brake due to my intensity of my exercise but i’m addicted and love seeing the gains. So I looked into hanging as i’m hungry for length at the moment. None of the home made hangers really turned me on, no offence to anyone but i’m just not into hanging weights for long periods i’m more interested in short intense sessions since i’m very limited by the Buck’s fascia and feel that intensity is what will manipulate the fascia into growing. So I got thinking and come up with my own style of hanging.

I do all my PE in my bathroom. So I decided to get some string and tie it to the drain in the middle of the floor. It is folded in half and looped around the drain leaving 2 peices of string which then get a loop tied on each end, the two peices must finish equal length. I then bandage my cock and using a cable clamp, I put the two loops on either side of the clamp and close the clamp on my cock. I then slowly stand up with my cock anchored to the drain, the string is cut to length accordingly so my legs can’t straighten fully, if they did it’d probably rip my cock off. I then proceed to stretch/hang in varied positions by pivoting around the drain suh as BTC, left, right, straight down and also I sit down and kneel certain ways so I can get an upwards stretch too. The stretch you get is awesome and can be controlled to what is comfortable for you by simply leaning more or less to get the desired stretch.

I have only done it a few times but already my flaccid is alot longer and feels heavier. I never measure my flaccid because I don’t stick my flaccid in vaginas, so I can’t give measurements. I haven’t taken erect measurements yet as I would like to trial this for a month. I also have a VacADS on the way to add to the mix.

I know this may sound like a very intense routine considering it is using a percentage of one’s body wieght but I feel it is what will work for me and others limited by the tough Buck’s fascia. I realise I may need to take a deconditioning brake sooner rather than later because of the intensity but the flaccid gains thus far look promising. EQ is steady.

This is my first thread guys, so feel free to put your 2cents in. Constructive criticism is always a good thing.

So if I understand this correctly, you’re clamping your dick and hanging weight from strings attached to the edge of the clamp. Where on your penis do you place the clamp? (Midshaft, Base or Under the glans?)

I have found midshaft works best for me.

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