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Anabolic steroids & Hangin'

Anabolic steroids & Hangin'

Will it help using Anabolic steroids and hangin for a certain period of time? I’m not thinking about a plan to do it, nor advicing doing it, but I’m just wondering if it would have any positive effect, similar to muscular gains but in this case in my johnson. As far as I know, some Anabolic compounds like Nandrolone Decanoate help in joints, ligaments and nerves recovery; in that case our buddy would be affected in a positive way. Anyone has more information about this?

He has a new angle on the idea Toshko. Don’t be lazy! Read the whole post!

This is similar to using anti-inflammatory drugs or glucosamine while hanging to increase ligament recovery.
The question then is, do you want your ligs to recover, or do you want them fatigued so they will stretch?
Let me know if you figure that one out.

you got it vegeta. I’ve been reading past posts regarding the same issue but they are all speculations and topics that after some days derivate to other conversations. I’m wondering on the effects of anabolic steroids in the ligament area that we are stretching specifically with the hanging technique. I’m sure more than one user here has tobe an MD so that could be a nice source of information.

If you take deca can you exhaust your ligs?

You want your ligs to heal in an extended state, but can you get to the extended state while on deca or stay in an extended state or will they just bounce back?

Maybe a strong ADS for 8+ hours a day while on a cycle. You might be able to max out your lig gains pretty quickly by doing that, but your ligs would probably need to be stretched most of your waking hours.

''Chemical castration;

You don’t want to take deca

Nandrolone decanoate is a(19 nortestosterone), nandrolone can act as a progestin

However, some people don’t know about nor understand the drawback of nortestosterone. For one thing, it can drastically lower libido. This is not surprising since other progestin based drugs are given to sex offenders to purposely lower their libidos. ”Chemical castration” for sex offenders”

Human growth hormone will be the best choice if you have the $$$$

I don’t see how steroids would help with PE. The spongy tissue in your penis is not like the muscle tissue on your biceps. Also, taking steroids without the supervision of a doctor could cause serious problems with the rest of your body. I don’t think anybody should use steroids for PE.

Did anyone here see/try the mild GH products like The beast and Human Growth Complex from ultra-lab?

They claim that it will speed up recovery and growth, and also strengthen the ligaments and connective tissues of the muscles which will give you significant strength gains.

Would this mean that the GH will make your dick grow if you do non stretching exercises like jelqing and pumping, or will it hinder gains because the ligs are too strong?

I once continued my pe during a steroid cycle (500mg Testo Enantat e5d) but there was no noticeable gain.

But that just counts for me, because I can’t gain length nor girth with any PE exercise .

Have you tried Clamping lost Guitar? My gains really slowled down big time after I got my newbie gains and I couldn’t make and quick gains from hanging for months but now that I started hardcore Clamping after conditioning my dick with hanging and jelqing for months the gains seem to be starting to appear again. Although with lots of discoloration. If you can get over the discoloration and are conditioned enough I highly recommend Clamping if you are comfortable with it. Good luck on your gains man. Keep up the fight.

Joeyness is right about deca being anti-libido in most, but that can be avoided by adding test to the cycle. Deca is good for ligs in that it makes them thicker and more elastic. GH is also good in many ways, especially for longevity purposes, but to be truthful, I can’t say gear or GH has helped my PE efforts, since my gains are pretty slow and steady on or off cycle.

Guys guys guys,

Steroids do not affect the growth of your dick!

Totally different ball game.

I’ve been pe’ing for a couple years, and ‘roiding for a year and a half.

Everything has gotton bigger on me, except my crank.

My pe’ing has shown progress but I am a very slow gainer.

After a Couple years I can finally post that I have made a noticeable gain.

But if steroids were the reason, Then by comparison to what my body has grown to, then I should be tucking my dick into my sock before I go out at night.

Steroids don’t grow your dick! Unfortunately.

Believe me, I had the same curiousities (and hopes)when I started juicing.

Nope! Aint gonna happen, sorry.

It’s hard to keep flaccid when trying to get the hanger on with Test.

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