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An overdue tribute to Bib and his hanger

An overdue tribute to Bib and his hanger

Today I posted a small thread about weights and so forth, and then I began to read other posts. I especially noticed, with concern, the number of posts where Bib alludes to his eventually needing to find an endgame for his production of the hanger. It got me wondering about all the guys (e.g., me) who have ordered a bibhanger and are happily hanging away and have never really said anything to bib or in public about their good results. Not to mention having benefited from Bib’s constant feedback – try just for a moment to think of any other product you can buy where the “tech support” is even remotely comparable. I realize Bib’s reasons for having to shut down one day won’t be because he didn’t get thanked enough – any business eventually has to evolve or even end. Certainly many other guys have thanked him for what he’s done to help us. But I just thought I ought to put in my two cents worth of gratitude here.

I’ve probably added ¾” in length in five months total PE. The effect on my sex life and intimacy with my partner has been unbelievable, not just physically but mentally. I realize now that all my life I’d always been very aware of “phallic energy” and felt I was missing something. I routinely fantasized about having a bigger dick when I’d make love. The upshot of this is that my sex life was characterized by my tendency NOT to be present to my partner, but rather to use actual sexual contact as a meta-commentary on the REAL event – the sex act happening in my head. Anyway, with the increase in my size (and I ain’t done yet, boys!) I find that suddenly I have a fierce desire to be present to what’s actually happening – fantasies don’t hold a candle to it. I’m a practicing Buddhist who occasionally teaches mindfulness training to others, and here I’ve received an amazing boost in being present in an area where I used to perpetually take a mental vacation. Sexuality now happens for me and my partner (who’s also turned on by my growing size) in a quieter and more intense way, mainly because I’m aware of myself finally becoming a channel of that phallic energy I used to fantasize about. I hope this is making sense and not gibberish. I surely could have learned to be more mindful and present without having a longer dick, but it’s helped amazingly.

I wonder sometimes just how much we PE-ers realize the deep, psychological structures that we are re-organizing – and perhaps even healing – when we finally begin to attain our goal. Even just realizing that PE-ers aren’t simply weird lonely guys wanking in the basement, but rather guys like me, has made a huge difference. Bib’s hangers, and his close following of guys’ concerns and questions, has got to be one of the better examples of what the Internet was supposed to be about. To be candid, it’s hard for me to think of a single more useful thing I’ve spent a hundred bucks on in the last few years than the hanger I bought from him.

Well, I’ve rambled enough. Thanks, Bib. I’ve never met you but I’m grateful for how your time and energy have helped me so far (and will continue to! Hence my confident nickname…).


I second that motion. BIB is the best… I can’t think of anything of comparible COST that is even close in VALUE!

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"

I third the motion.

Not only is the Bib hanger totally effective, Bib is a first-rate person.

Aren’t ye kind. Gopher, Goingdeep, and vivace win this month’s prize. Free information. It’s worth what you pay for it. Go ahead, ask any question.

You guys really embarrass me. But thanks muchly.


BIB, the man and his hanger!


BIB is a great guy from what I can tell. I have known BIB on the forums for over 2 years now, and He has always been generous with his time in answering questions.


As far as his hanger:
Great product. Unlike most hanging devices, it does NOT pull on the head or the glans.
Quality Craftsmanship!

That sums it up!



You are the wind beneath my wings… LOL.

Yea, yea, I love the Bib Hanger and Bigger is the greatest guy on Earth… so what else is new?! ha, ha.



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