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An interesting observation.

An interesting observation.

I’m still pretty new to hanging. Going on almost two months now. For the first few weeks I hung SD and BTC. Then for the next month or so I hung SO and SU. After a full hang session of doing SO and SU my BPFSL is about an 8th of an inch to a .25 of an inch longer than my normal BPFSL. When I do a full set of SD and BTC my BPFSL is at my normal stretched measurement or even just a bit shorter. Any thoughts as to what this might mean or why this occurs at the different angles?

This last month I have gained about an 8th of an inch or so hanging SO and SU. Didn’t gain anything hanging SD or BTC, however I didn’t give it much time either. From reading here and over at bibs site, it sounds like I should be hanging SD and BTC exclusively to start out with to get any lig gains out of the way. My lot is currently between about 7 and 8. It has changed over time. Whats your take on this?

As a side question, and I’m sure this has been asked before but…Will hanging exclusively SD and BTC change your erection angle? When I am erect I stand SU. Will I eventually hang straight out? Thanks for your input!!!

The first thing that came to mind is that your ligs may not be that tight and thus you won’t see a lot of gains from working them. If you’re not gaining from hanging SD and BTC then don’t bother continuing to hang that way. Go with what works. As far as your LOT is concerned don’t stress out about it. Unfortunately the LOT theory turned out to be a bit flawed and has fallen out of favor with quite a few here. I myself do not agree with all of it. Invariably you’re going to have to work the tunica and it’s working well for you now so I suggest continuing to do so.

Your erection angle is going to change from a lot of SD and BTC hanging but it won’t change by a whole lot. For me it was somewhere in the 10-15 degree range. When and if you start working girth it will change dramatically as you gain in that department.

I asked this question to bib at his site too, He gave me the exact opposite answer. Lol! I will target girth if and when I reach my length goal. I didnt realize that girth would change my erection angle. Interesting.

Which part? Not that I doubt you it’s just that I don’t know how the hell I could be so out of sync with Bib’s thoughts. I feel stupid.

Oops…meant girth work. :-)


Now I’m only more confused.

edit: Do you mean that Bib said girth work will make your erection angle change upwards? Or do you mean that girth work won’t change it at all?

Bib didnt say anything about girth work. I was saying that I didnt know that girth work would change erection angle from your comments.

What bib did say was refering to my first post. He said that he thinks I should be hanging BTC or SD and gives his reasons. If you go to his website under the hanger forum you will see his response. I would cut and paste it here, but Im not sure if thats a big no no or not.

Bib has a lot more experience than I do. Do what you feel is best.

When you hang SU or OTS but aren’t done stretching the ligs to their maximum potential, it’s easy for the ligs to engage and resist the weight along with the tunica that you’re targeting with the SU or OTS angle. It’s really a good idea to start out hanging BTC because that angle is great at putting the majority of the stress on the ligs without engaging too many other tissue sets. Once you’ve loosened them up all the way, hanging at angles that incidentally include ligs in the affected tissue sets will divert the majority of the stress to the OTHER tissue sets.

In other words - hanging OTS without first stretching the ligs will half ass your stretch of the tunica AND the ligs, whereas if you had stretched ligs first, OTS will nail the tunica like it should be doing.

It’s about efficiency.

I never saw any length gains in the 4 months I hung exclusively BTC, just for the record. But I probably wouldn’t have gained 1/4 inch in a month hanging SO if I hadn’t.


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Originally Posted by Antistar
Bib has a lot more experience than I do. Do what you feel is best.

Hell I dont know…Im new to this. Lol! They both totally make sense to me. I am going to try btc for a month or two, and see what happens.

I think most hangers would say to initially hang SD and BTC. And after a couple of monthes changing angles. The angles to hang for the most potential growth, IMO depends on your erection angle.

Erection angle? Ive never heard that before. My erection stands straight up. So what would be the best angle to hang from? For now Im going to spend the next month or two hanging SD and BTC. Since that is what bib recommends. The mechanics of this do make sense to me a little, so we will see what happens.

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