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An idea about Hanging

An idea about Hanging

I think someone else already does this or suggested it at either here or the other forum, but to be able to hang using those eye hooks secured into your ceiling for plants or those hooks or latches that secure some doors or cabinents shut.

Now before I lose you utterly with my bad description, I want to be able to hang and hit most of the ligs at different angles while still lying in bed. (I am so lazy, I guess!) So take these plant holder hooks and postion them to get a wide circle or spread in your hanging room and then use a big ass string or small rope to secure the weights to my Bib Hanger. There I can set my alarm and take 20 to 30 minute power naps while hanging at the differnt angles. Killing two birds with one stone I guess. I estimate I could not get all the angles I need but maybe some or most.

Does this seem feasible to you guys?

Ok Second idea! it is to be using these plant hooks placed along the edge of the trim board on the carpet to be attatched to a string or rope and then to your Bib Hanger. Or maybe instead use thereabrand and wrapping to accomplish this w/o the use of a hanger. You could read or watch tv and just lean back a bit or use more or less distance to accomlish your goal. SDo it is your own backward body weight or fraction of it stretching the ligs out. Any ideas about this one too? Thanks Guys! TT


I am personally very leary of sleeping while hanging. Not that I wouldn’t like to be able to do it (if I could manage getting over the feeling of hanging). But it’s important to me to be able to monitor how my penis is dealing with any stress for each session. More than once I’ve had to stop and restart after a short break.

I just think the window of opportunity for total disaster is too large. I do get bored with surfing the net while I hang. I gotta get a good book or two (I really don’t watch TV).

Ok I do agree somewhat.

I feel that monitoring the hanging every twenty to thirty minutes is the rule. If I could squeeze out a power nap of just abit the better.

I would definitley like the notion of using an ADS or Traction when sleeping normally or at work. More shit into a five pound bag theory or multi-tasking to everyone else.

What about the idea of like psuedo calistethics with the plant hangers put vertically along the running board of the floor or carpet. You lean back slightly for more of a tug or ease up. No real free weights neeeded. Do you think it would be a step up or down between hanging and ADS or Wraping?

TT, again -

Well, I gotta give you an ‘A’ for effort in your attempt at radicalizing/maximizing the effects of stretching the ligaments.

But I’d have to veto that idea, too. Basically that (and your B part of the first post - trim board) is a good recipe for an injury. It really only takes a very slight movement once that ligament is under high stress to do some permanent damage. Think about it as a rubber band being stretched to a max length. You know the feeling, and you know just a hair farther and…. BAM! Snaps your fingers! I am not saying the ligament would tear like that, but a nasty ass quick manuever that EXPONENTIALLY increases force on that penis could tear one of the ligaments right off your freakin’ abdomen (where the fundiform ligament attaches, not sure on the suspensory).

Do you understand what I am getting at here? I want to make sure it’s clear.

So keep thinking and bringing things up to the board.



I am just trying to figure more efficent uses to hanging that’s all. I may try these by myself, but will take it easy and very slow at first. I am going to see how normal hanging goes and understand the learning curve with it. So maybe not anytime soon. I am basically trying to incorporate everyone’s hanging notions together with some of my madness.

I have to first start hanging to understand the stresses and limits my body can take. I do appreciate your caution for my saftey. I think I may have wrote the description incorrectly as to how intense I meant. The eye hooks are for traction of pulling straight out slowly. Kind of like an enlarger strap for cheapasses :)

Any undeveloped theroems you have to hanging perhaps we could collaberate on? I love new ideas and for them to be critiqued too!

Do you jelq w. your hanging? If so before or after? Time between too? Thanks TT

I'm doing something like this TTZR

But I lay on the floor and read or watch TV, and have the bungee cord attached to the lowest pipe on my balustrading. (via a spring balance so I know what weight I’ve got going).

I can to BTC — and all angles depending on how I position my body.

I can also stand or crouch, and surf the net on the old computer in my attic— PE room

I have not once felt that I was not in control, or that I was going to overload my ligs. The solid nature of the floor —rather than a bouncy bed—- helps this security—- but I could use a thin foam mattress— or a well compacted japanese futon mattress with its solid cotton wadding would be OK too.

My experience says— go for it—- carefully.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

thanks P9!

I knew I couldn’t have developed these ideas before without anyone thinking or doing them before!

Aren’t you afraid the bungee may snap? At least wewar saftey glasses! Who wants to shoot their eye out? LOL!

TT, at this stage I am just trying to become proficient at hanging. By that I mean making every session and every weight level count and getting the max growth out of it possible.

When I become a vet at it (at least in my own mind) then I’ll start looking at (or trying) various ideas. It’s not that I don’t think about them from time to time. But I am getting the feeling that conventional hanging (if that makes sense) is working out well for me. I can just feel it very heavily.

I don’t jelq at all anymore. No girth exercises as I am close to my girth goal. As I understand it, the more girth a person has the harder it may be to get gains while hanging. Well, that’s the theory, I think.

I guess I should say between sessions I do a few light jelqs to help restore circulation. But that is mainly accomplished with a hot towel wrap (I do moist heat now).

Keep up your penis pioneering. It’s important in this community. But while one person in particular may feel comfortable doing something, it’s the responsible thing to consider the possible dangers of any and every exercise and discuss them as a group. At least that’s the way I see it. I don’t want to say something that a lurker may read and feel inspired by and then hurt himself. As one urologist stated, there *is* the potential for incredible longterm damage in PE if done haphazardly. And let’s admit it, penis science and medicine is lacking… somewhat, eh?

Buster I agree with you! I am just willing to put my neck on the line for this! Well so to speak, but you get the idea I hope!

I am trying to grab as many ideas from different people as possible. Go through them see what works for me and what may work together. Then I reason through and let my mind wander, I am a constant schemer or thinker. Like Wille E. Coyote, but too lazy to chase some bird down a desert highway.

I understand the risk involved, but for me nothing ventured nothing gained. I post to see if someone else may have thought of these things and already attempted them. Therefore I could read about results. It is practice for my on-line experimental psych class this fall or so. I learn to tabulate data and write an evaluation.

I do think I may have come up with another idea. When one hangs with a Bib Hanger or Starter and uses Therabrand there may be something new to try.

Here it is: Take a few strips of Therabrand and heat them up in the dryer or on top of maybe a radiator in your house. Wrap one up around you and hang for however long you do. Take a break and rewrap with a new one that is hot! Keep doing this and you have a good source of heat constantly on you during the exercises! Maybe this would be useful in normal PE too! Like for those non-hangers who need a less messy way to warm up instead of water or whatever.

What do you think? Is it stupid or good?

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