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Always hanging BTC

Always hanging BTC

Hello everyone

I always and only hang BTC. Is this a problem? Should I also try to hang in different angles? This one just seems to be the best for me from the feeling, also since when I am erected my penis stands pretty high.

It’s probably worth trying a different angle if you are not gaining. BTC probably impacts the suspensory ligament more than the fundiform and this is also probably the basis for the worries of loss of erection angle form hanging BTC but I’m not sure that’s been reported from long term hanging at this angle.

Even if you are gaining but not particularly fast, it may be worth changing angles and potentially adding fulcrum points to impact the tunica in different ways.

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For me, I believe I never really got BTC to work since I was stretching mostly skin. When I started hanging straight out, I also realised that my hanger was probably not properly attached and was stopped by my skin in BTC, since it was slipping when skin was no longer limiting me.

To answer the question, I believe Bib recommends you to stick with BTC for as long as possible and that means not switching around. As long as you’re gaining, you’re doing fine.

It may lower your erection angle though as Memento mentions. That and the fact that SO is much more comfortable for me made me stick with that angle. BTC may be more effective though.

In between you have straight down as a compromise.

From my experience, what memento said

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