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Woohoo! Just got my bib starter in the mail!
Thank you bib for such speedy delivery!

I threw it on quickly, without wrap, just to get a feel for it.
not to hang, just to see how it would feel.
Will be great just to use it this way for stretches.

Man, this thing grips better than Z rated tires on dry asphalt.
Talk about comfortable too.

In a few minutes I’m gonna hot wrap, wrap,
then try my first hanging session.

I’ve read up a lot on adjustments, toe in/out,
upper and lower gap etc.

Being someone who loves to tinker with adjustments,
I won’t quit until I know it’s perfect.

I’ll be back later to let you know how first session went.

Thank you bib for such an outrageous piece of equipment,
you obviously have incredible insight into things of a
mechanical nature, as well as inventive inspiration.

I wish you continued success my brother.


Alright is right, EZ Rider! It must be like Christmas came two weeks early for you.

The most important advice I can give is to be careful in the beginning. Don’t be too over anxious and cause harm to yourself. You will be happy in the long run if you ease into it.

Congrats on getting the hanger and have fun hanging!


Your going to love the bib it’s a great piece of equipment.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Thanks stevie, I just finished up a nice 15 minute session, took about an hour to get it adjusted just right,
of course I realize it’s an ongoing thing, due to amount of wrap used, flaccid state etc.
but I figure once you get the wrap amount down, your pretty close to home.

I am going to be careful though, I’m only going to be using 5-6lbs. max for the first month,
getting a “just right” feel with that weight for now,
I start out with 5lbs. then add a pound after 5 minutes.

I check the head often for temperature and too much discoloration.
Was neither too cold or too discolored in this session.
Felt a nice, strong constant pull on the ligs, and felt the internal penis was grabbed quite nicely.

The only thing I had any problem with was when I used the theraband over the wrap,
it would start to pinch the skin when I tightened the bib,
so I tried it with just the gauze wrap and that seemed to work fine,
next time I’ll try it with just the theraband I think,
or maybe use less gauze, before applying the theraband.

So, before I tried to use the bib starter, I measured in at
7 1/8” BPEL x 5 3/8” girth
I have been pumping for about a year (very sporadically)
power/manual jelqing and hanging with the wench
for less than a month.
I’d love to get to 8” in length, 7.5” I think I’d be real happy,
and 9” would just be incredible, I’d be ecstatic 24/7 probably
be whippin it out wherever I went…lol
Remember Blazing Saddles? “scuse me, while I whip this out” lol

Now, the next thing I’d like to get is a nice IR heat lamp (nice handheld jobby) and a scale,
the lamp I think would be great to heat while hanging as another member has pointed out and the scale is
to keep track of my weight, I’d really like to see if by losing weight there would be any new gains in length, haven’t seen that subject touched upon here, I may have just missed it though.

I think your right Dino :up:

>> I’d really like to see if by losing weight there would be any new gains in length, haven’t seen that subject touched upon here, I may have just missed it though.<<

It’s spotty and undecided mostly. I personally believe (through my own experience) that substantial fat loss results in an increased NBP and BP measurement.

Hell, even if the increases aren’t detectable on a ruler, your dick will seem bigger compared to your smaller body.


I am glad you like it. If you have any problems, just ask. Be sure to read the product guide, once now, and then again in a week or two. It will make more sense.


Thanks Bib, I will definitely do that.

I’ve also been reading a lot of your past posts as well,

the insight gained, has proved invaluable.

Thanks again, I’m extremely happy with it.

Let the gains begin!

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