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All you expert hangers. A question for you

All you expert hangers. A question for you

How do you do REALLY EFFECTIVE upper angle hanging? Obviously weights etc are great for lower angle, but according to the LOT theory, I’m supposed to do a lot of upper angle hanging to really maximise my short term gains.

I’ve tried using a long strap looped around my neck to tug the penis upward, but I’m not so sure that it’s a good stretch at all. Doesn’t feel anything like hanging weights does. Can anyone pass a newbie hanger some advice about hanging upwardly?

Thanks !


Use a pulley.

Use a high backed chair and hang the weight behind you over the chair top.

The hangers forum is full of posts about gaining the upward angles, a search might help you find other ideas.

If you are just starting it might be worth trying the downward angles first just to see if you get an easy lig gain, BTC is a load easier than up without extra kit.

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