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All Day Hanging?

All Day Hanging?

I’m been knocked out of my noon hang time for several weeks due to the kids being out of school for the summer.

But I’ll be alone for a three day weekend coming up and want to make the most of it. I would like input from those who have been able to hang for 3 or 4 or more hours per day. Do you start at your max weight? Start at a mid weight and stay there for hours? Do you keep the heat on the whole time? What other concerns should I watch for if I try to hang 6 hours a day for three days? Or should I not try it?

I had been hanging for about 3 months (6 hours per week) and gained at least a half inch.

I’d be very careful about hanging for this amount of time as I’m not sure that more will necessarily be better. I think you can get into territory where too much fatigue will only lead to injury …. a fine balancing act!

Basically, hang until you are fatigued, drop down in weight, fatigue again, drop down etc until you reach half your maximum weight. Then finish the session. I’d then traction wrap or use an ADS to keep the penis in an extended state. IMO, doing this AM and PM will provide ample stress for growth.

Because you are hanging 6 hours per week, hanging 6 hours per day would not be a good idea - you need to work up to this over months - the risk of injury is very real. In your position, I’d be inclined to do a full session AM and a lighter/shorter session PM - traction wrap or ADS as well. As always, listen to your body and take notice of what it tells you! Don’t overdo it!

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