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Aided stretch hang

Aided stretch hang

I’ve looked at the aided inverted stretch, and I also hang, but why not combine them?

I’m trying it for the first time today, and I will post some results in a week.

What I’m doing, is taking a can of shaving cream, placing it on my legs (with some socks on the edges so it doesn’t dig into the skin), and then putting a hanger on while sitting on the edge of my seat so it hangs and gives the stretch. I did have to lower the weight from what I normally hang because it does give a very intense stretch.

Has anyone done/patented this before?

Does the shaving can touch your shaft or the hanger?

If it touches your shaft then this is fulcrum hanging and has been discussed here already.
It it touches the hanger then it is simply an amplified SO hang. You could do the same thing without the can by adding more weight in the SO position.


Well I did it for 15 mins touching the shaft.

Then I moved the can up a little so it was on the latex of the hanger, but the same effect.

Where do you feel most of the stress?

If you feel it on the dorsal side of the shaft then that is focused on the tunica.

If you feel it more on the pubic area then it is really focused on the ligaments. Ideally you need to have the can be able to rotate otherwise the friction between it and your shaft reduces the effect you are trying to achieve.

I feel it more in the dorsal, but slightly in the pubic. From regular hanging I only feel it in the pubic area.

It can’t rotate because I stick to the can, from sweat.

Oh.. Ya I’m basically doing the same thing except he’s using a rice sock and I’m not all fancy like that lol

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