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AFB-experienced? Please chime in


AFB-experienced? Please chime in

My question is for all those who’ve used the AFB and it’s variants, and especially for those who’ve used the AFB and the BIBhanger.

Q: As you progress in weights with the AFB, does it get quite difficult for the hanger to properly distribute the weight? In other words, is it effective at lower weights but not really cutting the mustard at higher weights?

Hey Buster -

I’ve used the AFB (PVC version) for a week last week. It seemed ok until I tried over 10 lbs, then was painfull. I made a bib hanger last nite (made from flexible pvc) and tried it for a short time - seems more comfortable. I’ll try 13 lbs for 3 15 min sessions tonite & let you know tommorrow…

Thanks, man. I’m not even up to 10 lbs and I want to figure out what my approach will be with higher weights now so I don’t interrupt my schedule.

Like you said, please chime back in here after you try that 13 lbs. I will be in suspense.

Ive been hanging now for 5 weeks with the AFB3. As I increased in weight I noticed that the hanger would slip down some towards the head which would cause pain. Through playing around with the adjustment and modifying my AFB, I have totally eliminated this problem and hang regularly with 17.5 lbs.

I bought a tube of Blue RTV sealant (used to make gaskets for cars) and applied 5 thin beads down the length of each side of the ruler that come in contact with my cloth wrap. After allowing them to cure for 24 hours, I got 5 rubbery, flexible but very durable grips that keep the hanger from slipping. If you’re interested I can post some pics.


tried the bib with 13 lbs last night, it was great! Very comfortable. Plus, you get a good head pump with it too.

This is only my second week of hanging, but I’ve been doing a stretch workout that Big Al gave me a month ago (3 days/week). It’s quite intensive, and I think it is why I can start out with so much weight hanging. I’m replacing one of the workouts with a hanging day - I try to do 2 15 min sets with as much wieght as I can stand, then one 15 min set with a couple of pounds lighter. I still like the manual stretches, and will continue my routine, since I think one can manually pull with much more force than you can hang with. My theory is weight and force is more important than time.

P.S. I made mine out of braided flexible PVC - on big roll in the plumbing dept. at Home Depot. If you have pvc pipe cutters ($15) - the scissor type, and a dremel tool, you can make a really nice one in about 15 minutes. The Dremel allows you to make really nice, comfortable bevels on the contact sufaces. I made mine with 1 1/4 pvc, but I need to go back for some 1 1/2. I recommend getting a size that allows you to close it completely, otherwise you risk a pinch….I also put one layer of theraband over the ace wrap - the hanger never moves!

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Boy, I heard the word Dremel and got all excited. I love that tool! Buster - I have used both the AFB2 and the Bib. I was able to modify the AFB to hang 15 lbs. fairly comfortably. However, I have been hanging 17.5 with the Bib and it is comfortable as hell. I really like the idea about using the gasket material to make ribs on the AFB. We have some damned inventive people on this forum. One of the keys to the AFB is a good heavy wrap. If you do that, you should be OK.

Happy hangin


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Thanks to all

I appreciate all the response.

First, I thought the RTV solution was quite ingenious. My question on it is: does it really adhere well to the wood? I would think that is the weak point. I am going to give that one a try though!! I love it.

Second, I do want to make a homemade Bibhanger. I don’t have the Dremel or the PVC cutters, tho’. That would be alot of money to blow just to fart around trying to make a hanger. And I still have some problems understanding how on earth to do it, even though I have a copies of all the pics and instructions. Just having a hard time visualizing.

Third, yeah Jelktoid, I use a lightsweatshirt material underwrap with silver Theraband over top. I agree - the double wrapping is KEY. Otherwise you just can’t hang without it.

Oh well, I have a few more weeks before it will become a necessity. Thanks everyone, you’ve given me some valued input.

And now that I am hanging and see what I am missing out on, I really want a real Bibhanger…. :(

It's not the AFB, but.....

I’ve been using the modified bib for a while now. I’ve have probably made about 10 different changes to the shape and style to find what works for me. Currently I’m using some 1 ½” clear PVC pipe from Home Depot. My current design has the split at the bottom instead of the side like it is diagramed. This leaves a complete uninterrupted surface / edge along the sides and top (I was having pinch problems from that). Since it is split at the bottom I drilled a hole on each half and tied about a 3” piece of string from hole to hole (This is where I attach my weight). For my clamp I use a metal electrical cable connector that is big enough go around the hanger. To fasten the clamp I use a machine thumbscrew with a wing nut trough the two holes (I had to do some tweaking and bending to accommodate the screw and nut). This allows for easy tightening, fastening and removal and with your hands only – no screwdrivers!

So far this has been the most comfortable hangar I’ve made.

Buster, - you don’t need a dremmel tool or PVC cutters. All you need are heavy duty scissors or tin snips, hand saw, and sand paper. With these I have had no trouble making many mod bibs.

I hope this might help somebody out since we are suffering from a shortage of real Bib’s.

Goodwood :chuckle:

man, I need pictures… doh..


I attached a picture of my AFB3. I used pieces of yard stick in lieu of rulers (the wood is a bit thicker). The Blue RTV sealant is extremely durable. I couldn’t rip it off the wood if I tried. It is also flexible so it creates great skids for the AFB3.


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Way to go, man. I really appreciate it. If any of you with the mod bibs can get a pic, I would deeply appreciate it also. Otherwise, I’ll probably just take ALOT more time trying to visualize what you have done.


Very clear pic. I wasn’t exactly sure what you were talking about but the pic cleared up the doubt. Looks like a good AFB.


I’m amazed you can hang so much weight with something so simple looking! Watch the head pressure issue this might create problems down the road. If possible all ways squeeze the blood out of the head before tightening the hanger. Also consider attaching a little further down the shaft ( closer to the body).


A couple of things remember Bigger got 80% of his gains using the modified bibhanger (I think). Also there should be some pictures of the modified bib floating around here somewhere.

Great thread, IMO, this is the way to advance the product.

how bout a look ??


I’d like to take a look at your’s. The hanger, of course! The design sounds really simplistic, and materials readily available. If you could post a pic that would be great. Thanx

By the way, if anyone is looking for alternative to theraband. Home depot sells some stuff on a roll, it’s like a perforated rubber material. It’s used to put in drawers or cabinets to keep things from sliding around. Anyway, it’s like 18” wide and about 6 ft. long. You can make a lifetime supply of wraps, out of one roll-$3.
Comes in many colors too, if that’s important. It’s gripping qualities are remarkable. I was using the latex glove wrap with my yardstick AFB and switched to this stuff, what a difference.

tryn4more - I made the regular homemade bib from the diagram at:

The Original Bib Hanger

It’s also in the thread at the top of the hangers forum (Homeade bib hangers/ Uli’s thing)

You don’t have to have pipe cutters/dremel tool, but if you do, it only takes about 15 mins to make a really good one (besides, if you own a house, you have to have a dremel!)

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