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AFB-experienced? Please chime in


ok, thanks. I just thought an actual picture might be nicer than the illustrations’ in the link. I’m really trying to come up with something that would work just like the original BIB hanger. From all the great feedback here, regarding BIB’s hangers- I was hoping to duplicate it somehow. I want something, that will give me the results of the original BIB safely.

Off to the shop !

Thanks hotrod for telling us about using the blue RTV (not sure what that stands for and it confused me at first) gasket stuff on our AFB. I was looking for a yard stick or better piece of wood and I saw a wood paint stir stick that looked pretty strong so I made one out of that and used some blue silicone gasket maker sensor safe #6 on it that I found it in the garage, putting about 7 or so thin strips of it down each inside piece of the long sides (I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be silicone or not at the time but hey it was blue gasket stuff and I wanted to get started now). I used 220 sandpaper and it was pretty smooth and AFTER 24 hours that stuff stuck well. When I applied it I didn’t want a huge blob so I took the cap off an elmers glue bottle then screwed it on the tube of gasket maker and made sure to squeeze hard enough to squish it against the wood so it had a better chance of sticking (not sure if that mattered or if I should’ve made wider strips or covered the whole thing with the blue stuff for more surface area). The rest of it was made with a wingnut (you can use any nut just use tape or something to hold it still if you want) and bolt on the side facing your body if you look down. The front has velcro with adhesive built on to hold it to the wood….. I made the mistake of thinking “hey if I put one type of each on each side I’ll just wrap it around the whole thing and it will stick, but it ended up going around then having nothing to stick to except itself which wouldn’t work then I tried kind of going diagonal just for fun but that just twisted things. I got it working when I left the fuzzy side wrapped around the right side then I squished the hook velcro to the bottom half letting it hang towards the floor then I wrapped counter clockwise then over the top and down on that top half of the right side fuzz and it held, but just to be ready for higher weights I left extra length on it and wrapped it around more and put a clothes pin on the left wood strip to keep it in place. I had a hole in the front too starting at the body side edge of the velcro and I put string through it then tied a string from front to back to hang from. On that hanging string I wrapped some stiff wire in the middle to help keep my penis centered because the S-hook decides to slide around sometimes if I move.

I just got some free time to get on, today. My homemade version of a “BIB” type hanger also uses RTV for the ribs. I have been using it for about 30 to 60 min each day with, now 10 lbs. I used Dow Corning 3145, a clear, very adhesive RTV, designed for gluing so it sticks very well. I will soon get around to posting some pix with it in use. I have not “seriously” measured, but my flaccid length is visibly longer, so something good is happening!


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