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Advise On Hanging With The Pens Master Pro

Advise On Hanging With The Pens Master Pro

Started out hanging light weight with the x sleeve with weighted caps the used both caps and worked my way up to 3 pounds. Now hanging 3 pounds with the penis master pro. Stretching 30 sec in all directions with heat before hand and during. Three sets of 20 ,10 min in between,cold wrap after last set. Using x sleeve with 4 oz weighted cap all day. My question is when hanging that close to the glans is that recommended. Any advise will be appreciated.

I see my flaccid getting more conditioned and longer but wanting to make sure this is safe. My erections are good and extremely hard,and wanting to how what riding the fatigue and what it feels like.

I’m also hanging with the PMP, 6lb is the most the suction cap seems to be able to handle.

My question is, does hanging with lower weights on the PMP make sense because of the way it attaches and where it applies pressure? Because when I read about hanging, 6lb doesn’t sand like much at all, but when you have that hanging from your glans with a PMP it is pretty damn intense.

What weight did you start out with and what are your sets? And are u taking breaks in between,i usually do 4 sets of 20 with 10 min breaks to get circulation back and it’s fine. Then what’s a sleeve with a weighted cap during the and had very good luck.

Also when you put the glans cap on make sure the diaphragm and sluice are well broken in and no air.Be sure to keep underneath the shaft from pulling in the glans chamber.Hope this helps.

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