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Advisable for newbie to hang only?

Advisable for newbie to hang only?

I just started pe…my routine is the basic warm-up/stretch 10 mins/jelq 10 mins/warmdown…my bpel is 5 1/8” and eg is 5 1/4” midshaft…I’m desparate for 2.5” inches length gain and girth isn’t any kind of priority…my question is would it be advisable to drop the jelging (about 2/3 erect but hard to say for sure) and stretching and go exclusively with hanging? I don’t need any girth (for now) and am worried girth gains from jelqing will hinder legth gains…I was originally planning to start hanging after 3 months of pe but now I’m thinking otherwise…or am I just antother impatient newbie? Thanks in advance for any input.

my theory has always been start as soon as reasonably possible, on anything, so I don’t see why you should wait to start hanging. If done correctly and patiently, I think hanging is safer than most other forms of PE. As Bib has stated, you are using proven forms of stress, weigth and pressure, which you can accurately monitor. Just as long as you start low in weights initially, just to get used to this new form of stress, I don’t see anything wrong with it. You probably should do a seach and read BIB’s posts. This will give you alot of insight as to a strategy in your approach to hanging. And one you get started, ask specific questions (after searching to board for an answer) and I’m sure someone will help you.

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J Rock,

Welcome to the forum! I agree with GD here, you can start hanging at any point in your PE program.You may look at it as a step my step process as follows;

The first step- should be education, read the posts, use the forum search, ask questions, and listen to the voice of experience.

The second step- getting familiar with the equipment for hanging and the actual hands on testing of the equipment. Because the purchase of a hanger is not an option at this time you will have to make your own.

The third step- is the actual hanging it self. This will be a culmination of steps one and two and require constant tweaking along the way.

Jelqing isn’t a bad way to go either, 1000’s of guys have made good length gains jelqing, I used jelqing after hanging to restore circulation. For length, hanging as probably a better use of your time.

To gain 2 plus inches of length you could be looking at a couple of years of hanging unless you are an exception and have the time and commitment to go above and beyond in your quest. Hanging is not for the weak of heart it requires a total commitment to reaching your goal. As they say:


I am one year into hanging and I’ll say this. After the intial educational, familiarity and testing process I’ve spent an average of 12 hours a week for the past six months. Yes my dick is bigger probably 7/8 of an inch. Has it been easy, hell no. Would I do it again YES . I’m I happy that it is taking this long NO. Do I plan on stopping NO. Could I have built the space shuttle in the time I’ve spent hanging …hmmm maybe.

To all the new hangers out there in hangerland try and have some fun with hanging and above all be patient. Because as Thunder told me the other day, “there ain’t no magic penis enlargement beans out there”.

P.S. I’m on vacation till July 1 so till then, Have Some Fun .

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Thanks guys for taking the time to steer me in the right direction…

I’ve read quite a bit and it seems most guys start with jelqing and or stretching then move on to hanging…Reading Bib’s posts is what prompted me to consider switching to hanging at this

point, I see now that hanging isn’t something I’ll be jumping into headfirst so I’ll use the trial and error period of hanging alongside of my curreny stretch/jelq routine then drop that once I’m doing some serious hanging…thanks again.

Hey ledzep

guess you haven’t been here long enough ;) Thunder gave me some of those beans a few months back…..


Advice for J Rock

You asked a very intelligent question. I also started out jelqing and stretching and then went exclusively to hanging. Ledzep is absolutely right in his advice. There is only one thing that I would add - All Day Stretching. Goingdeep, Lilbig1, P9 and many others agree with me that ADS is one of the keys to gaining. I have found that after PE, my dick wants to retreat to its usual size throughout the day and at night. I bought an enlarger strap (you can do a search to find the url for it) and rigged up a weight stretcher under my desk that I use at the office (I am using it now). When you stretch the tunica and incur microtears in the the ligs, your body will repair them. However, if there is some stretching going on during the repair process, the end result will be a growth in length. I wish that I had known this when I started, but unfortunately, it took me a while. In any case, this is my humble opinion.

Happy hangin


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Oh, how humble.

But seriously, you are a humble dude.

So.. did you get that strap sent to you yet? It sounds like you did.

Thanks for the suggestion jelktoid…I’ll definetly add ads to my hanging once I get started…for now I’m just gonna get in line for a bib hanger/starter.

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