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Advanced BTC?

Advanced BTC?

Im not sure if it has been brought up before but I just tried it out yesterday. I hang BTC off my bed and then elevate my legs above my head. Basically I hang my ass off the bed and put my legs up as far as possilbeon the wall without thrusting my hips up. So basically my ass off hte edge of the bed and my feet are up high against the wall and it looks like a yoga stretch. But it is amazing how much more you feel the stretch I mean you can also see the difference(since i set up a mirror to monitor the color of my head) in the shaft because it get a lot longer than a normal BTC hang. But the downside is that your balls have to completly seperate and the turned a redish color, and it felt like my ball skin was actually stretching, I could almost put money on it. Anyway maybe you guys can try it out and tell me what you think.

Instead of the bed, I used the kitchen table. The best fatigue I ever achieved was by wearing slippers and snagging my fingers in the heal

and pulling and holding my feet near my chest. For a brief instant, it feels like you can’t stand after a 20 minute hang (with 20+pounds).

There was no need to thrust my hips up, I actually ended up pulling my butt up off the table.

I’ve never thought of doing that but obviously there is alot of potential with adding angles to hanging with pulleys and merely different positions as you described to increase strain. I can’t wait till I start hanging (won’t be too soon) and I’ll be able to experiment some more with these types of things.

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Hey sky,

Don’t try the weight I talked about, it took me years to get there.

Go slow and confortable unless you like the sight of blood.

However, I don’t see why the slipper trick won’t work on any weight level

your at, since it is how things are stretched that is causing the fatigue

bbc that is that same stretch that i was describing, how do your balls feel when attempting that stretch?

Right now I’m trying something similar but not so high. I just put my legs up on my desk and slouched down a lot. Feels great.

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I don’t have trouble with my balls— I simply pull them to the side to let my penis lay in the crack.One time to the left,next to the right.I got saggy balls, that that makes moving to the side an easy thing to do.Up tight balls might be another thing all together.The tuque I feel is just above my pubic hair that races down my thighs as I try to stand up.

Originally Posted by goingfor8at

I just put my legs up on my desk and slouched down a lot.

With heels on desk and pulled to your chest, you’re doin’ “the swami” :)

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