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ADS making penis curve worse

ADS making penis curve worse

Short story guys;

4 years ago, i was using a ADS improperly. I was stretching my dick around my BPEL which i know today was a huge mistake. I ended up with a long term injury which took 3 years to heal. I don’t know, my dick is weak is hell. There were two things which never disappeared; the discoloration and my dick getting a 45 degree twist at the base to the left.

2 months ago, i started using the ADS again. Only this time, knowing about thundersplace and going slow, i was determined to straighten out this twist i got 4 years ago. Lately, i’ve noticed that the twist have become WORSE then what it was 2 months ago. The twist only exist when flaccid to barely semi-erect. If i kegal when sitting with a 10-20% erect dick, my unit twists now about 90 degree (!) to the left. When erect, the twist is gone, but my dick have started to barley tipp to the left (which never occurred before).

As for now it’s only a visually problem, but i’m afraid of it starting to get even worse and blocking of some blood vessels on my left side. I’ve now putted the ADS on a short hold.

I always pull straight down with the ADS and sometimes against the twist (to the right) with little force (200g) so i’m confused of why the hell my unit is twisting and getting worse.

I’ve been thinking of getting the vacADS which i can fasten to my hip and stretch my unit direct to the right and against the twist. I really don’t see any other option.

Any opinions?

I think one of the best ways to straighten curves is pumping, especially water pumping. I had a left curve that is almost gone. Also, I would use low vacuum 3-4 in hg. Some guys are subject to scar tissue formation from too much force, which I think causes the curve.

I would use the pumping because its just pure straight out. This should gradually lengthen the shorter tissue first, and by using modest force, you shouldn’t cause any reactive adhesions. Like some Black people who develop keloid scarring in the skin, I think some of us are more sensitive to ligamentous stress. So, using modest force for slow steady correction rather than over do it and perhaps create more.

I would use warm to hot water at first, and later try cool water. If you are lucky you will get a bigger AND straighter dick. But I would go for slow steady, rather than higher force methods.

Also, somewhere in the back of my mind I seem to recall topically applied Vit E oil (natural, tocopherOLS, ) was helpful, but I would double check that.

This is all just my opinion.

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Thanks, but i’m still confused to why the curve is getting worse when i’m pulling against it. Should i try combining pumping and mild ADSing? I actually had a doctor telling my how good the ADS was on correcting dick curves.

Some people have hyper-reactive tissues. Instead of stretching, may actually get inflamed then contract. That’s why I suggest low force straight out. This is why no one approach to PE works for everyone. What may be productive force for one man, might actually cause contraction in another.

Yes perhaps pumping and low stress ADS. However, try one at a time and see the effect first. If it doesn’t make the problem worse, great. If you try them both together before you try them separately, you won’t know which one is the problem if you get worse.

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