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ADS idea.

ADS idea.

I’ve just had the cool idea to hang while i’m working since I’m standing up. I’m 20 working at subway and I’m excited about trying out my new idea to hang all day using my wench with like 1 pound all day while I work. I’m sure this will bring about some results, I’ll keep everyone posted as to how it’s coming along.

sounds like a good idea for me too

is 1 pound enough though?

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Just make sure you allow yourself the freedom to frequently “check yourself out”. When using a hanger in public it would be wise not to get yourself into a position where you are unable to monitor the health of your unit. Twenty minutes is the maximum amount of time you should go without observing.

Using the Wench as an ADS is very possible, but I can assure you from personal experience that it requires due diligence, just like it does when hanging heavier weight.

Let us know how it goes.


Yeah, test your setup first for several days when you aren’t working.

I like the idea of a weighted ADS system a lot MG. I’ve thought about creating one with some industrial strength magnets before, but never got around to it. Some guys also use padlocks. Whatever you do, just be sure to check up on it every hour or so. Make sure you’re getting proper circulation and that the device remains attached correctly. You wouldn’t want to explain to a customer what just fell out of your pants. :)

surfboardwally, please check out the forum guidelines when you get a chance, specifically the part on Style and Language. Thanks.

Ditto all the above.

Although I gained girth rather quickly, I’ve struggled with length for almost two years now. It wasn’t until I began wearing weights as and ADS that I really started seeing length gains, especially flaccid length, which is what I’m after. My dick is finally tough enough to wear golf weights all day and thick enough to keep them on without wrap. I always have on at least three.

Sounds like you are on to something there, just keep an eye on circulation, check often, but remember to wash your hands before making the next BMT, or my favorite, steak and cheese with spaghetti sauce, hold the Threaband.


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No Nukes

Haha, sorry guys…

What are you apologizing for MG?

Three golf weight are just about 1 pound. If WalMart doesn’t have them, check out

I have a wench, too, but for light hanging I think the golf weights work better. Plus, if you need to cut back you can take one off.

Golf weights are also available at

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