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Adhesions or what?

Adhesions or what?

I am noticing now, for the first time, that on my suspensory lig I now have two bumps. No pain or discoloration, they move with the lig as I work it around. Are these adhesions that have grown back?


No, they probably would not be adhesions. Exactly where are they on the ligs, or rather on the penis.


Glad you asked

Well, I went back in and checked it out. They weren’t so prominent this time, in fact hard to find. So I really pushed in and gave the whole lig a feel up and down. Instead the lig feels a bit ridgy, kinda like a spine or something. The ‘bumps’ aren’t that prominent - kinda small - and there are a bunch of them. I guess for some reason earlier two of them stood out to me. I don’t know - are other people’s ligs smooth or is this just me? I’ve never really gone over the length of my lig and felt it like that before. Nothing stands out as a ‘weak’ point or concern to me now that I’ve done that.

Let me say this - I didn’t just run my finger over it. That way it would feel smooth. Instead I really pushed down a bit and then worked my finger over the lig, trying to find what I thought were those two ‘bumps’.

Guys and Gentlemen

This is something I’d like some input on, as it’s not just Bigger and I who have suspensory ligs and/or this conversation is not just limited to us.

This would be a good point for a newbie to step up and enter the forum with his input. Check your lig as I described above and let us know your findings. Consider this a step toward increasing our knowledge of our penis for PE’s sake.


I have.

Don’t feel any similarities with you on that one. As far as the adhesion idea goes, I can’t really speak well to it due to the fact that I have never cut open a person and looked at how ligs attach and where. One can assume that the lig is definately attached on both ends unless you really fucked up. Then there’s the individual fiber thing. A third issue that doesn’t get brought up alot is the idea of adhesions to other tissues. Might you have torn the lig away form other parts of your anatomy? I don’t know, but did have an experience similar to this on my last hanging attempt. Seems I was getting alot of pull/stretch in the lower abdoinal region while standing or BTC. Never really seemed to be able to hit my ligs worth a fuck. Just because your hanging a weight on your dick and it is supported by ligs doesn’t mean the ligs will necessarily take all the stress in that area. In my case, it all seems pretty interconnected and the ligs took a minimal amount of the stress, almost as it was distributed more amongst other tissues. From what you describe in your injury post, you might want to look into some anatomy diagrams and read up a bit on the other tissues of the penis. Not a bad idea to look at some surgery sites, they might give an indepth description of what needs to be cut and freed up to allow stretch and lengthening. I cringe a bit when I see the “lig pop” posts on this forum because I wonder if that is more indicative of an abrupt tear or disruption/displacement rather than a nice gradual stretch. As of late, I think as several others do that the key to saftey is a very slow progression of weight. Some may need to induce a stretching effect on more than just skin and ligs, some of the other membranes and possible adhesion sites may take a lot longer to stretch in a safe manner. Shit, we might need to very gradually tear away at some of these tissues with light hanging, a great weight causing to much damage and resultant trauma in that area of the body. I don’t know if the above is accurate and it is based on mere speculation with only a laymans knowledge of the anatomy. I do suspect that the exact nature of the ligs vary from person to person as well as how they are attached. May be the case that they also have minor adhesions along their length as well. I will when time permits look at some of these surgery sites and well as injury stuff to see if there can be some diruption of tissues outside of just the target stuff like ligs. BH, you may want to do the same. groa

Thanks, Groa.

Maybe I’ll just go down to a morgue and have them slice a recent cadaver’s wang down the middle - “Yeah, it’s perfectly scientific and all, now cut the dick!”

I wouldn’t know where to get a med site with pics of a suspensory ligament, to tell you the truth.

I also agree with the light weight progression. Believe I will be doing that from here on out, concentrating on working up to fatigue slowly so I can really get the sense of it properly. I just got the Bib today and I’ll start with a lil’ 2.5lb plate when I get back into hanging in August.

My first thought, of course, when I sustained the injury was that I had ripped the lig from one of it’s moorings (HA!) and what a scary thought that is, because I know someone here has done it. So I am now an advocate of slow, safe, progressive hanging.

Hey Buster,

Since I don’t have much else to do since I am still out, I checked my ligs today. They are stretched somewhat and I could only feel the striations as one would feel when holding a bunch of uncooked spaghetti. No bumps or nodules or anything. As you would expect, the striations are narrow and difficult to feel. It may be something unique to you. In any case, this may not be something that will impede your development. You appear to gain reasonably quickly, so I would just monitor the situation and continue on.

Happy hangin


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

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