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Actual hanging time


Here’s some follow-up.

I decided to clarify further & here’s Bib’s response (from his forum)…80&p=4183#p4183

Originally Posted by bib
Re: Blink’s information
Postby Bib on Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:51 pm

>I know you said 4hrs is a good max, but I still have this urge to try that & at least a bit beyond that. I wouldn’t go over 4hrs in one session, I was thinking though, I could try & do 4hrs in the morning every day, then just get as many sessions as I could at night… whether it was 1 or more 20 minute sets, just to get out the crimps in my ligs…

Clarification on 4hrs Max
1-4hrs in a row is max (i.e. 4hrs morning + 4hrs evening = ok)
2-4hrs, with 2 morning, 2 night is max
3-4hrs in a 24 period, how I split it doesnt matter, its still a max

Which best describes the 4hr max and how I should apply it?<

My recommendation is four hours total in a 24 hour period. But please realize, this is just an arbitrary time limit. Other than my own experience, and anecdotal data from others, there is no reason to limit time that way. If you feel that more time will give you benefit, then go for it.

The thinking behind four hours is that, in general, you should be able to truly totally fatigue your target tissues within that time. Now, you may be able to change to a secondary angle, and do more good after the four hours.


So, 4hrs is about max for a single angle within 24 hours.

Lets say you had 6hrs of hangtime, you would probably want to hit a different angle for 2hrs; since anecdotal evidence implies the first angle will already have more than enough fatigue after 4hrs of hanging the same way… (this ignores the fact that you probably want to be hitting those angles with split sets too—i.e. you probably want at least 1 set that night at both angles, assuming you had time to attack 2 angles)

I just want to emphasize that this is all based on anecdotal evidence-based on the experience of many hangers.

4hrs at one angle would make me sore as hell, so I think at least for me that makes sense. Yesterday I did 7x sets and today I’m still a little sore; that was only 2.3hrs.

With 4hours max at one angle, I would commit any remaining time I had to a new angle.

I would imagine there’s some importance behind hanging the same angle every day—personally I’ve been focusing all my time on BTC, and those rare times when I’m too sore to stay at that angle, I just go to SO (I’m using a 4” PVC halfpipe as a fulcrum on the front of my chair). All the BTC hanging is making an obvious/ good difference on my flaccid hang…

Anyway, I’ll stop myself from getting too far off-track…


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