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Ace wrapping.

Ace wrapping.

What exactly does everybody use under their bib or hanger? If it’s an ace wrap, how big is it and how do you get it to stay wrapped? Thanks

I am a Theraband man, using it exactly as recommended by BIB himself.

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I use the theraband but after I hang and unrap it sticks to the skin and doesn’t feel great.

I’ve successfully hung w/ ACE for a little while now. Here’s what I do:

Take a 1.5” wide and 6-8” long strip of bandage; wrap as best suits you (see wrapping FAQ for starting point); hold it once fully wrapped and apply a shorter (5-6”) strip of the self-adhesive rubber athletic wrist wrap weightlifters and others use around the outside of the ACE wrap. Bingo!

I’ve found that despite the apparent “give” or stretchiness of ACE it also can act as something of a tourniquet very easily- in EXTREME moderation, it gives a good cockring-effect to pack a bulge. Before I started regularly using the TheraP magnetic wristbands discussed here elsewhere this was what I wore both for hanging and for all-day flaccid extension after hanging. However, I’d use ultimate caution with regards to wearing it overnight, because no matter how well you think you’ve got the tightness thing figured out you’ll wake up one night with a ridiculously engorged member that’s starting to turn [and if you’re lucky, only just] purple around the edges.

Incidentally, I’ve had excellent flaccid gains from variations on all-day wrapping for the past four months. I’ve also tried theraband, but issues with cleanliness (they get funky kinda fast, I’ve found) and the aforementioned sticking haven’t made me a convert yet. ACE works fine for hanging for me.


To prevent sticking Theraband, use some baby powder, talc, not corn starch on the Thera.


Ive found just using a strip about 1.5 inch wide and about a foot long of T-shirt works great. Just wrap it around several times until you get the right thickness.

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