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About gains with BTC and another positions ...

About gains with BTC and another positions ...

I know that BTC is usefull for ligs stretch and the other like the straight down is good for the tunica but can you give me what is the best position for speed gains .

I know that the ligs are more easy too stretch than the tunica but is there a limit stretch factor for the ligs . Is yes , we must stretch the tunica after or with the ligs too ?

So , in final the limiting factor is the tunica stretch and it is the more hardly too stretch ? What is the best hanging tech for stretch the tunica with lot of stress ?


I don’t know if the phrase ” speed gains ” works for the practice of hanging weight off your penis in order to make it longer .

Hanging straight out is the most effective way of stressing the tunica. The best procedure I have found for this is by using a book or other object (I think Bigger used a PVC coupler) and while seated place the hanger skids on the book which rests on the front edge of the chair.

Remember anytime you are trying a new postion always proceed with maximum caution.

Could you explain me more detailled for this tech please ‘cause my english is very bad and I can’t understand the tech with the book ? For exemple attach a pic or a image ?



Please answer these questions.

Have you ever hung weights before?

What hanger are you using?

If you have hung weights before what positions have you tried?

How much weight?

If you haven’t hung before when will you start?

Have you read the majority of the information on the hanger’s forum related to straight out hanging and tunica ?


I begin hanging with AFB for about 2 month with about 12 lbs now.

I hang in BTC and straight down position but I want more detail about “tunica position”.

I know that there is lot tread about it but I can’t have all time for read it so could you “teach” me please ?

BIB OR VETS........

Veterans or BIB, I need some clarification on where to place the Bib hanger when aiming for length and also when hanging 15-18lbs. Is it wise to hang close to the head or mid-shaft or at the base? I know that close to the head gives more of a lig stress and closer to the base gives skin stress. But, is 15-18lbs too much to place close to the head? Should it be more mid-shaft as the weight increases? I need to resolve this as I already have enough skin stretch and need to work on more length, but I dont want to injure myself in the process. I was hanging closer to the head until I read Daomun’s comment and now I am hanging mid-shaft. Your comments would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.


>I am currently hanging between 15-18lbs for 20 and sometimes 25 mins a time. If I want increases in length especially, where should I place the hanger for this kind of weight? <

I always alternated hanger placement. This keeps the shaft from becoming sore at any one place, and also divides and conquers. Closer to the base will stretch more skin, and closer to the head will affect the ligs and tunica.

If you have plenty of loose skin, you might be able to place the hanger closer to the body, and still stretch ligs and tunica.

>Is it risky placing it near the head?<

I have always recommended no closer than 3/4 inch. Probably 1-1 1/4 inches would be best. As always, if the hang is not comfortable, or you feel any pain or numbness, change what you are doing. As long as it is comfortable and there are no problems, one inch is fine.

>Should I place it at mid-shaft for better results? And would it only stretch skin at the base? I already have sufficient skin stretch and want more length. <

I think for most guys, consistantly placing the hanger at mid-shaft would stretch too much skin, and not affect the ligs and tunica very much. If you have plenty of skin, I would suggest varying the placement from one to two inches behind the head.



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