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A thin flexable cloth heating source?

A thin flexable cloth heating source?

Hey guys,

A while back I remember reading a post on here about these little neck ties that were meant to be drenched in cool water and used to keep your neck cool. Someone on this forum, I don’t recall who, figured they can drench them in hot water and keep their dick warm with it. I ordered 2 of these ties and they are HORRIBLE at holding in heat. Sure they hold in the water for DAYS but the heat is lost withing 30 seconds or less.

I was wondering if anyone out there knows of something like a small thin FLEXABLE piece of clothlike heating source that you can wrap around your penis to keep it heated for long periods of time. (at LEAST 5 mins before needing microwaving or something) I am thinking this could help a lot while wearing an extender or hanging because heat will allow more flexability of your penile goods.

If anyone knows of such a heating source PLEASE let me know. If none exits im sure someone could make a good sum of money inventing this seeing how the big penis disease is spreading pretty dam fast.

I think the reason that doesn’t work is that they aren’t designed as a non-conductive thermal container (like a thermos) to keep hot things hot and cold things cold, but rather contain chemicals that react endothermically, absorbing heat when initiated. There are similar “ice packs” that you can crack and they instantly cool. There are warm packs out there with the same type of reaction, but with an exothermic, or heat-releasing, action, for hunters and skiers and such to use in their jackets and gloves. (…ed=0CIkBEPMCMAE )

There are also wraps sold by ACE bandages that are heating, and also with those kind of exothermic compounds. I’d be careful about how warm these things get, though, since a sore back or neck/ frozen fingers and a PE penis have pretty big differences in sensitivity.

In either case, they aren’t reusable, but if they work, they might provide a good warming source for several hours. I used one of the adhesive bandages for a neck injury once and I think I wore it for 4 or 5 hours and it was still a little warm when I took it off.

(BTW, I just did a Google search of ACE, warming bandage, heat wrap and couldn’t find anything. But I know I used one so I’m just not remembering it right.)

To me the good old rice sock is still the king. Long-lasting, reusable, cheap and efficient. Maybe you have to microwave it every re-wrapping period, but it’s good to give yourself a break and stretch your legs between stretching your dick, anyway. Why reinvent the wheel?

Rock out with your cock out!

Hello again tenaciousD!

Thanks for your answer. Can you be kind enought to tell me more about this rice sock you speak of. Do i fill a sock with rice and stick my penis in it? I would like something that i can WRAP around my penis while wearing a penis extender or hanging (therefore it must be something fairly thin and flexable and wrapable around a penis). Have you tried the hotties gloves? I think they may be slightly warm but i don’t think they will be sufficiantly hot enough for PE…when i do a hot towl warm up its EXTREMELY hot and it really loosens the ol boy up.

Your answers are always very appreciated

Fill a sock with rice and tie off the end. It will take on long-lasting, moist heat when you microwave it. Use a long, thick fabric athletic sock. Be careful with heating it at first, because they can get very hot and microwaves vary quite a bit. I usually microwave mine 1 minute or a minute and a half, depending on whether it has gone completely cold in between. Yours could be very different and you can burn yourself, so be careful.

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Honestly, the best heating source I have found is a simple hot water bottle. Fill it with boiling water and you have consistent, long lasting heat. I fill mine with about 1.5 liters of water and it stays hot for over an hour. I bought mine at Zimmerman for like 3 euro. Works far far better than anything I have tried in the past.

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And how do you apply the heat on your penis? Do you press the bottle to it?

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A couple of ideas popped into my mind. You could try using an electric blanket. Just lay it on your lap. You could also they Icy-Hot patches although I would be reluctant to put any kind of warming chemical on my penis.

Originally Posted by adros
And how do you apply the heat on your penis? Do you press the bottle to it?

I warm up while I’m sitting, so I just stretch my penis over my leg and set the hot water bottle in my lap to hold it elongated in place. When it gets too warm then just switch to the other leg, that way you get an even distribution of heat. Also, I hold the water bottle to my dick while I’m hanging. Its really the best long term source of heat that I have found; it stays hot enough to PE with for about 1.25-1.5 hours.

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I use a heating pad. Costs a bit more (about 20-30 EUR), but it reduces the hassle a lot.

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