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A quick question about hanging


A quick question about hanging

I am just curious about hanging. I have been doing the newbie routinw about a month and a half or so and am considering getting a bib hanger after 10 weeks of that routine. I am curious though. Once one begins hanging, is it still ok to jelq. I know from other threads that one should concentrate on length first and when length goal is achieved then concentrate on girth, but i am curious as to whether jelqing would constitute a girth exersise and possibly hinder potential results. If it is ok to jelq, should i hang and then wait a few hours until i jelq? or could i do it immidiatly after? Also, what is a good number of sets for a newbie for hanging and how often should one progress into more sets?

Jelqing at full erect would be a girth exercise but at 70% would not be. Jelqing after hanging is healthy but it is better at least for me to concentrate on length or girth. When I’m in a hanging mode I only do some jelqing for health.

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First, about the jelqing question, jelqing may hinder your hanging routine because it may result in a plumper penis. True, that’s not such a bad thing to happen, but your hanging sets may be less comfortable because of it. I like to be as flaccid as possible when hanging so I can tighten that hanger down real tight and grip my internal penis.

Originally Posted by Letsgetlarge
Also, what is a good number of sets for a newbie for hanging and how often should one progress into more sets?

For the first couple of weeks, try for 3/15 minute sets per day with 3 lbs.
After that, add more sets and increase the set time to 20 minutes.

If I were to start hanging all over again. I would go very easy with the sets, time, and weight. I started right off the start trying to do 20 minute sets with 5 lbs. Instead, I should have gone lighter with shorter sets until I perfected the wrapping and hanger adjustments.

First goal of a successful hanger: Comfort.

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I agree with everything Ramrod said. I would add that a significant jelqing program while simultaneously engaged in a hanging program is quite likely to cause injury. Our dicks can only handle so much abuse. I strongly recommend concentrating on hanging alone if you’re going to hang. Just jelq for a few minutes a day (preferably after hanging) to ensure continued penile health and whatnot. Oh, the other problem with combining jelqing and hanging is the time factor: your gains through hanging, according to most veterans, depend heavily on how much time you can invest each week in it. Trying to balance your time between the two routines is probably counterproductive. Focus on hanging for length now, and add some girth later through jelqs and other techniques.

I tend to believe that moderate girth routine can complement hanging, especially if there is still a lot of potential in lig stretching. Besides, it can save some time seeing gains in both directions. Working on both length and girth can be quite time consuming though.

I am in no way going against what veterans said since they PEed longer and got more gains than me, but these days I work on both - length and girth. I hang 1-2 hours a day, every day with some occasional breaks. For girth I recently have started pumping following avocet8’s routine, after pumping I do 100 jelqs at various erection levels. Every other day I do 200 extra jelqs and 10 manual ulis. These routine can take 4 hours a day.

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Thanks for the input guys….I think that I will follow Ramrod’s advice with the 3/15 except i will probably do 3 or 4 by 10 instead because I am uncut and from what i have read more frequent shorter sets is less hard on the foreskin. Any opinions on this? Also I always like hearing things like “if I were to start over agian, the things that i would do differently are….”. It is like i am starting years worth of the combined exerience of some seasoned PEers. Thanks for ensuring that I start off right.

LGL, good thinking. I happen to be cut, but cut or uncut, it is a good idea to start with 10 minute sets. It’s been so long since I started hanging that I forgot I was watching the clock every single minute that hanger was on my Wang during my first weeks hanging. It is such a foreign feeling, it takes some time to get used to. No sense in torturing yourself with long sets.

Wrapping —

I recommend you start your hanging career using only one strip of Theraband, rather than the Theraband/sweatshirt material combination. It will payoff later when you’re hanging heavier weights and really have to crank down the hanger AND continue circulation. It is quite the challenging balancing act, as you will soon see.

Good luck.

Have you considered building a Captn’s Wench? Every PEer should have a Wench in his PE toolbox, especially hangers.

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actually I was only planning to get a Bib hanger, however I am now researching the Captn’s wench because i have only heard good things. By the way….for someone starting out (like myself) in hanging what postition is best to begin with before i move into more intense positions. I have heard that BTC and Fulcrum are very good but i didn’t know if i should start with these. should I start with SD or would it be ok to start off with BTC and fulcrum?

LGL - Try starting with SD. I began with BTC, but it was pretty darn painful at first and I’d advise a milder beginning to keep your motivation up.

Also, I agree with Ramrod’s advice about using only the Theraband.

LGL, a good place to start is SD. You can get used to hanging and wrapping. During that time you need to study and consider LOT theory. You can then make a decision on whether to hang at a low angle - BTC, or a high angle - OTS.

Bib usually recommended that we hang BTC until we exhausted our lig gain potential, and then move on to OTS or SO.

These are only suggestions, and EVERY routine is unique because it is custom-fit to our personal needs. There’s a lot of trial and error, and experimentation with hanging to find what’s best suited for you.

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I just did my hanging and have a few questions about hanging.
Firstly, how do you attach your hanger? Do you attack with the clamps on the top and bottom or the clamps on the left and right?
Secondly, do you leave the hidge of the hanger tightened fully and only adjust the top screw?
Thirdly, is there any threads that explani the various positions such as SO, OTS, OTL, BTC etc with explaination with if targets the ligs or the tunica? I tried to search but none explains how should the hangs be done.

Any help would be fully appreciated.

Hi Wind,
It’s hard to tell if you’re using a Wench or a Bib Hanger. Bib’s have hinges and screws, and Wench’s use clamps.

SS4Jelq had written a comprhensive article on hanging. In it, he has compiled many links to threads that all hangers should read.
Link for SS4’s Thread

Bib made a list of general hanging threads too.
Bib’s Link

The search page will help you get threads on specific topics.

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Hi all

once again thanks for the advice…but i have a new question to test your knowledge :) ….. i have read that the time speant hanging is more important than the weight used….I have an abudance of time in which to hang and therefore ask this question…when ready…should i move up in weight or # of sets or both…and if both, what combination of sets and weight.

LGL, you’re in envious position with free time.
Bib was asked the question of time/weight many times. His response was always the same:

1. How you feel.
2. How you feel.
3. How you feel.

Once you get used to hanging and can do several 15-20 minute sets per day comfortably, you will then decide how to proceed.
Should you add more sets?
Or, should you increase the weight?

The answer is: a little of both. It all depends on - yes, you guessed it - how you feel. You’ll need to gauge your fatigue. Their are many variable to consider. For instance, if it takes 7 sets to get to fatigue, you should slightly increase the weight.
Or, if you’re getting to fatigue in two sets, you can consider that weight your max weight and do several subsequent sets of gradually lighter weight.

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Good answer Ramrod, it can’t be made any simpler

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