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a question ...?

a question ...?

Is it better for me to do OTS or SO (LOT 7) for tunica stretching , what is hitting the tunica better ,what is more efective ??

Any angle above 7 on the clock face is going to be hitting your tunica. Your LOT is showing you when your ligs are beginning to take the stress.

I’m a fan of OTS, as I think it’s easier to set up.

Try both, and see how it goes, remember that one month in PE time is nothing, experiment with each and see what happens.

I agree . OTS is easier for me to do … I tryed SO , and it does more preasure on my glans than OTS

Have you made any gains with OTS hanging …?



You feel more pressure on your glans with SO rather than OTS? I have experienced a similar problem with trying to hang SD as opposed to BTC. Do you experience this as well? Also, what kind of hanger do you use?

HI JM … I use Bib starter … work of art…

Yes I hung first two months SD and BTC , no gains ( because I meassured my LOT wrong) …

SD gives me more pressure than BTC , I don’t know why … the same thing is with SO and OTS …, when I do SO I feel so much pressure on my glans than OTS , and with OTS I can feel the inner stretch behind the balls , with SO i feel it none to little bit… but when I do SO I hit the sides of the tunica , left and right very well …divide and conquer :) )


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