A new way to wrap for VacExtender

Hey everyone,

First off I would like to thank everyone on this site, espically Thunder for having this board. I havent posted much because I have never really had anyting new to contribute but. I don’t think I have seen anyting like this posted before so I figured I would share. I have been using A VacExtender by Monkeybar for the past year on and off and had some fluid build up problems. The constriction sleeve didnt help much and the tip would always get the worst of it.

I started doing the standard wrap with an ace bandage and trying other materials and it worked ok. Last week I tryed something new. You use one square of toilet paper folded in half 4 times. It makes it about the size of a postage stamp. You then tightly roll the constriction sleeve up like a condom and place the folded tissue on the sleeve. Press it firmly on the tip of the glands and roll it down. When you put the VacExtender on make sure there is no air left in tip and its firmly pressed against the plastic.

This has worked great for me, its faster and more comftorable than wraping and everytime you take it off you use a new clean piece of tissue. If your trying this for the first time make sure and take it off more frequently and see how your doing. I have found that standard 2 ply toilet paper works best for me, some brands are too thick and dont work as well.