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A new use for the bibstarter?


Loading Pin

Another way to make a horizontal weight rack, is to knock-off what is commonly referred to as a “loading pin”.

Here’s an example…tem=13&mitem=14

I made mine using the following:
1/2” X 6” Pipe (threaded both ends)
1/2” Floor flange
1/2” X 3/8” Reducing piece
Eye bolt

Total cost about $3. I’ve tested it up to 150 pounds. If you get to the point where you can hang that much from your unit, you have “issues”.


Well I tried again last night, one thing that is diffeent is when you hang you see and feel that there is more penis outisde the body, I generally always get that, with this method it does not happen, my erection is the same as usual.

As for fatigue, well that occurs but it takes a while, probably over an hour.
Also, I think closer to the base maybe simpler and more efficient in terms of getting a better stretch. Thirdly, you have to pull real hard and pull it up your back as far as possible and create the tightest possible tension.

I think I will use this in conjunction with hanging as opposed to a stand alone routine, almost like an ADS type thing.

GMJ, How did you go, anyone else try iy?


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Where does the hanger rest with this new technique? I assume sitting down is not an option!! Can it be worn under clothing?


you attach the hanger as per normal, pull it under your arse and the hook should rest attached to your back via a belt or rope, no weights involved.

No sitting is a no no, try it lying down on your side, attach standing up and moce slowly to your lying down position.

I actually used it after hanging last night, I did two sets at twenty minutes and tried the new method for 45 minutes, very nice, felt fatigued much much earlier.

I will be interested to see what you think.


Sounds like it has definite potential.

On a lighter note, imagine being able to wear the hanger this way under clothes, then when going to the bathroom to take a pee, accidentally letting your pants fall down to far before getting unhooked.

The guy next to you looks over and thinks he’s standing next to a girl, while the guy behind you freaks because he thinks he sees someone with a tail!


yeah it does look quite feminine, not a good sight at all. I also found that lying on my stomach is good also.

just tried it out.

I didn’t use a belt just had my arms behind my back. If I get it right we are kinda slimulating our shaft acting like a g string. Is that right?

And also the hanger is sitting almost up my arse. Is this right?

I reckon it is probably easier with the smaller starter than the regular one. However it does give a stretch but I think Btc is for me at the moment.

What will you call your new found position?


‘Yes’ to all your questions. Try it for about an hour after your hanging session. As for a name, maybe the G-string stretch?????



So you use a belt around your waste. Is that how you put the tension on. I was pulling with my arms. Please explain the belt method again or did I get it wrong?


Man, I like that reverse OTS idea hobby had. As per stretching, this method sounds great as well. I wonder if these ideas would be good for people who have maxed themselves out BTC to allow for some additional gains from the ligs.

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Ok, I tried this again tonight.

My homemade Bib, attached VERY close to the head gives me the least skin stretch, so I used it for this test.

First, I attached and hung 5 min. normal BTC to allow things to settle. Then I tried various reverse OTS styles for a few minutes each.

I only felt a better stretch than regular BTC when the strap was running straight up my crack. This wasn’t comfortable on my tail bone, nor my balls. I put the strap both BTB and to the side of my nuts. BTB felt slightly better, but still uncomfortable.

To get around the nut issue I tried running the strap over the side of my butt (in the groove between hamstring and glute). Not a good stretch for me. It has to go directly up the crack to rival or exceed normal BTC.

My conclusion: If your nuts can take it, and you prefer to stand while you hang, try reverse OTS. Take the strap right up your crack. Maybe add some padding on your tailbone if needed. Otherwise, fuck it. Stick to plain BTC in a chair. Much less hassle, and easier on the balls.

That said, we are all different. What doesn’t work for me may be fine for someone else. :)


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