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A new dimension in wrapping for hanging: tubular bandage dressings

A new dimension in wrapping for hanging: tubular bandage dressings

Sorry that this is quite obviously in the wrong place but I’ve been a reader more than a poster during my time being a member, therefore cannot post in the hanger’s forum.

The item in question (no affiliation - UK ebay link):…K%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

I’m sure they exist in most places.

- Stretch a decent amount in all necessary dimensions (radially and laterally)

- Grip the penis tight upon properly putting one on

- Reasonably non-slip for combining with a thera-wrap

- Durable and very re-usable (probably even washable)

- And cheap!

I will expand upon technique since it is pretty fiddly but just wanted to get the point down and get the ball rolling.

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Wow, nice find.

Looks similar to the Hair Tie Wrap method:
HTW: its a wrap

It will be interesting to see how they compare.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

That was my inspiration but since I couldn’t reliably find the same model I started thinking about other similar concepts. Bandage supports, the elasticated kind, are arguably much more ubiquitous and sturdy due to the demands placed upon them.

Technique-wise, the steps I follow are:

- For me these arrived with both ends rolled towards the middle, looking like the roller in a pulley. First unroll it completely, it might be about 10cm unrolled.

- Then fold in from one end, square folds like rolling up a sleeve, about 1cm or so for each fold. I find if I use a condom-type roll when it comes time to pry / stretch it open to place it over the glans, I find it is too difficult and fiddly. Others might not.

- Leave maybe 0.5 - 1 cm unfolded, you’ll see why later

- Once all folded up, get a full erection (this part is made much more fiddly if you have a foreskin, I imagine it’s more straightforward without). Using the index and middle finger on each hand, pry open the band as pretty much as wide as it goes. I insert my fingers in towards me from the far side, if you were to imagine the rolled up dressing as a floating O in front of you with the ring facing your chest.

- Then I maneuver it over the head of the penis and just behind the glans. Here I am careful to ensure that once I release it, I have not placed it on such that the frenulum is too tightly stretched underneath the dressing. To avoid this it might be easier almost place the far-inner side of the O at the correct position on the underside of the penis behind the glans and then thumb the rest of the head through the O. I’m afraid it’s a little hard to explain and I’ll have to think harder. Obviously pictures would work better.

- Once you’re happy with the position behind the glans (and it might take a few tries)you should have the 0.5-1cm loose section lying against/ just behind the glans and pointing towards your tip, and the roll ready to be rolled down the penis.

- Roll it down, play with pinching and pulling back the material to make it as tight and uncrinkled as possible, then you’re ready for your thera-band or whatever comes next for you.

- The 0.5 - 1 cm can be useful, after wrapping with thera, to pull up and cover the sensitive glans and prevent uncomfortable friction between the glans and, for instance, the fairly rough surface of nylon webbing used in a Captain’s Wench.

This may even find applications as an ADS, perhaps with more than one one top of the other. See what you think.

Lastly, if someone can/ wants to move this to the hanger thread feel free, it might be more useful there.

Thanks for all the knowledge!


Has anyone else tried this and if so with what results?

This seems like a pretty good option. I’m going to try it sometime in the near future and report back to this thread.

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