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a "hanging" chair

a "hanging" chair

I have experimented a bit with hanging with the clamp from the autoextender.

What bothered me was that I had to sit to much in front of the seat without anything supporting my back.

Not a comfortable way to work/study behind a desk.

When I have found the right chair, I will make a hole somewere in the middle, so I can have a good seat and still work without difficulty.

Hanging will be more fun then.

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

I probably haven’t invented the wheel here huh?

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

I guess we’re waiting for you to show us the results of your work. :) I saw this thread this morning, but didn’t respond because you said, “When I have found the right chair…” which I understood to mean that you’d do some work and show us what you did. I think the concept is good. I’m just waiting to see how you solve the problem. :thumbs:

I was thinking of building a chair, just for hanging, but never did it.


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