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A glimpse into my head (the one above my shoulders)


Sorry man. I got carrried away. Maybe someone SHOULD moderate the moderators.

Kamel, I hurriedly scanned the poll (and voted) and I mistakenly thought it was “linked”
directly to this deteriorating yet eye opening string.

I see now that it was not.

Please accept my apology. I did NOT mean to impune the poll forum. I did not see it until I
saw the “head” string here, so I falsely assumed it must be linked.

I’ll be more careful next time. I did the same thing with Big Al one time, not meaning
anything he got out of a post I made.



Water under the bridge phat9

no big deal, water under the bridge, no offense taken

on a different note

cant we all just get along
this thread like another recently, has blown way out of proportion, and I think it needs to end, and quickly
I can tell a lot of you are taking these posts a little too personally and we all just need to take a deep breath and go about our lives
I mean come on people lighten up
let PE the hell out of ourselves and all become 12 inches
thats what we all want isnt it
we all want women to moan and scream when we bury our huge cocks into their holes, and beg us for mercy, then beg is for more
so lets quit the bitching and pump our meat



My piss in the wind

Good to see your still around Phat!

Many of you don’t know me but I’ve been around a couple of days, and have logged many hours hanging with the foam insulation, swim cap, loop, simple Bib, prototype Bib, and finished product Bib.

I received evaluated the Bib and never paid a dime to Bigger. Afterwards he sent me the finished product…for free!

Countless hours of advice on the simple hanger, hanging, and PE in general, came from Bib. He’s had more of an impact on hanging than any other IMHO.

He produced the hangers after being begged by members, and is responsible for almost 2 inches of my growth, because without his hangers I never would have hung enough weight long enough.

Over the years I have witness a multitude of selfless acts commited by none other than Bigger.

I wonder how many hours he has spent responding to repeat questions, and mulling over, in written format, mundane hanging info, available with simple searches.

He’s a hanging Saint.

I can’t believe he’s been doing this the whole time. I have taken breaks.

Tom, your website introduced me too, to PE, thank you.
WTF is up though. You posts seem acusing and egotistical. Not everybody is you, or Bib.

Thanks for all you have done, hope you enjoy your hangers!


r.e. My piss in the wind

Mr. Soma,

I am still a neophyte in PE, but it didn’t take me long to realize that there was tremendous experience in this forum. I also quickly realized that Bigger knew WTF he was talking about and was a irreplaceable asset to this forum. He indeed has exhibited extreme patience and tolerance with many of us “know nothings” that wanted to become “know somethings”. I think it is because he understood from his early days that he was, in fact, just where we are when he started. I have only read a couple of your posts, however, I hope that you will stay around a while and share some of your experience when you can. I am sure that you can help the members, and maybe, enjoy some of the camradarie and new ideas coming forth. Thanks again for your posts and I’m looking forward to hearing from you on the boards in the future.

Best of luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Good to see you Soma...........

Seems like just yesterday we were emailing each other about Bib’s prototypes.

I don’t post much anymore because I cannot use my office PC. Long story.

I wondered where you went.

While you were away, I went thru a breakup that darned near killed me, and I am not

The board was just GREAT, so many mature and knowledgeable guys lending their hearts
to help me. I was in therapy and on antidepressants. In fact, I can attribute much of my recovery to
the wonderful men AND women on this PE board. It is so much more than mere PE to me.

But one guy helped me more than any pill, any registered therapist, or shrink, and he continues to do so
as I type.

Yes, it’s BIB. He’s probably not blushing as he reads this shit either. He taught me a lot about
women,and I’m not talking sex here.

Hell, he’s got a heart bigger than his organ and he could easily be a professional
psychologist or marriage therapist, but he says he makes money off his understanding of men and
women. I’m not easily impressed by anyone, but he is now just about the best buddy I have.


I couldn’t agree with you more about the character of the members of this forum. I know with out a doubt that I could be great friends with many of them over time. I am looking forward to the months and hopefully, the years, ahead in PE and visiting Thunder’s Place.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


Phat - Sorry to hear about your crisis, but glad to here you found some support here! However, it does not surprise that Bib helped you through a personal crisis, not at all.

You were always a hard gainer, if I remember correctly, I suspect because of your large initial size, but how did you make out with gains?

Jelktiod, I’ll be around for at least another six months, and as always I’ll be happy to answer questions that I can.
I enjoy reading enthusiastic post of new PE’ers. I remember the excitement I felt when I realized I could actually make my crank larger.



yes, Bib and I sometimes “talk” on the phone till 3:00am in the morning ,and so far has
been 100% right in everything he has counseled me on. Even my professional therapist
said he was correct.

His wife is the same way really, and he must be the luckiest guy on this board in so many

On my gains. Somehow, they have sort of slipped up on me and are being cemented now.

I call myself nine inches long, with a tad over 8 3/4 inches non bone pressed. Every now
and then I can pull a nine and one quarter inch length measurement. It looks every bit
of it too.

So, that gives me something over an inch in erect length gain, maybe say, one and one eight or
just a tad more.

Recently , I had a surge in girth, for which I have made several posts. I began full erection “horse squeezes” and all hell broke loose in girth above the fat pad base area.

I am now eight at the very pubic base, seven and a half an inch up, tapering to seven and then
six and three quarters at mishaft, tapering down a bit more at the tip.

It really looks awesome if I jelq just a bit with Viagra, cumumberish.

I am dying to try the better girth out on the GF but that is a long story and may not come
about this weekend, but it will eventually.

How about you? How have you come along? Remember, I have been hard at this for over two and a half
years, sometimes logging 15-25 hours hanging time per week. More effort than 99.9% of this board.

I am very happy with what little I got and I think I could make a legitimate 9.5 incher if I do this several
more years. I also think I can make the elusive 7 inches girth at midshaft.

We will see. I don’t care one way or the other , which makes me a prime tester candidate.

Is Tom Hubbard still around? I looked this up and this was his last post! Anyone know if he’ll come back? I enjoyed his brainstorming, very innovative thinker!


It does seem like he just disappeared after this thread took a bit of a dive.

I hope he hasn’t abandoned us because of that, i mean everyone has arguements, right?

I hope if he’s still lurking around he will jump in and post something - as he is the reason i found this site…..

As George Bernard Shaw said -

“Reasonable men adapt themselves to the world.
Unreasonable men adapt the world to themselves.
That’s why all progress depends on unreasonable men.”

So for the progress we’ve made in this area we have to expect the pioneers to be maybe a little prickly - hence why such heated debate should ensue amongst them….

Just my thoughts…..

See Ya,



Phat, I achieved my Pe goal approx. 1 year ago, and since have stopped completely. I waited to start again for many reasons, but primarily lack of time.

However, I have started again and currently hang between 10-20 hours per week, closer to ten but striving for 20. I am already seeing flacid gains but I refuse to measure for another month.

I am interested in achieving greater girth, something I spent little time on before. What are horse squeezes? Also, is anybody still doing bruiser 180’s, and if so are they effective? They were brand new when I quit?



Is it you who hangs without any wrapping at all? If so, how? Did it take time to get used to or you just jumped in head first?

Love to know! I just got a Bib Hanger. Thanks in advance! TT

no wrap

I’ve previously hung without wrap- Bib hanger only- for a six month period. I had no problem with it, but I’d been hanging for quit some time before that with much more painful hangers. My crank developed some very dark patches around the circ scars. They went away with my one year lay off from PE and I don’t really want them back so I am wrapping now.

I did try it without wrap this go around and found I could do more weight with the wrap, however it was still comfortable at lighter weights and I’m sure with time I could hang heavy again without wrapping.

If you really want to try it I can tell you how I put it on without wrap!



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