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A general question about hanging

A general question about hanging

Do all hangers increase base girth or is it just the Bib-hanger that does this?

My Bib-hanger is just about warn out so I’m looking at alternatives but I want something that’s going to increase my base girth.

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I can’t see how one hanger would effect base girth any differently then another. I for one hang SO and SU exclusively and in so doing I incorporate OTL’s. They will increase base girth in and of themselves. I think as SD’s are concerned the ligs will stressors down the middle or center and as those structures give the sides of the ligs come more into play and that is when the base girth spreads. OTL’s might be what your after. I do mine from a standing position and that gives me the opportunity to twist my hips from one side to the other and stress the outer portions of the ligs. I’ll use a rice sock to warm the outside and heat the inner ligs not to mention the skin but skin stretch hasn’t been much of a problem. I haven’t done any base girth measurements. Haven’t been much concerned with them.

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