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A few Bib and hanging questions!

A few Bib and hanging questions!

I’ve been using an ADS for some time now, but it takes so much time to use, and I can’t really get the tension I look for. Most people are saying that ADS are for keeping the gains e t c, not enlarging the penis.
So I’m about to order a Bib Starter, and I would like to know some things.

Q1: Do I get a manual in the package or do I have to read here?
Q2: What else do I need to get except theraband and weights, before I can start hang?
Q3: I heard that fatigue is the key to gains. Does that mean, it’s bad to jelq and clamp after hanging?
Q4: Would you prefer hanging for length a couple of years before starting to clamp for girth (BG said that its harder to stretch a thick penis)?

Answers are of course very much appreciated as always!

Q1: You have do read, you can get most information about the starter from the site that you order it from.
Q2: Rice sock so you can get a good warm up
Q3: I dont know about clamping but Bib I think used to btb (between the ball) jelq between sets and then after I believe he used to jelq at a very low erection level for like 10 or 15 min to restore normal blood flow
Q4: I would say either do length until you hit your goal and then do girth exercises, or do length and girth together. I dont think anyone really knows what is best because people have gained both ways,

It also maybe hard to lengthen a thick penis but then again it might even be equally as hard to add girth to a long penis.

Im no expert but I hope this helps

Originally Posted by JES-man
Q3: I heard that fatigue is the key to gains. Does that mean, it’s bad to jelq and clamp after hanging?
Q4: Would you prefer hanging for length a couple of years before starting to clamp for girth (BG said that it’s harder to stretch a thick penis)?

The traditional answer to Q4 is length first, then girth, BG is citing to foundational logic.


Q3 touches on something I have been wondering about more and more for the past year- if aristocane’s length [and girth!] gains are a product of his clampathons [his reasoning was that the tunica also expanded longitudinally], then could it be possible to harness the tunica’s ‘exhaustion’ [think something akin to the Weider Pre-Exhaustion Principle**] by clamping first and then hanging?

This line of questioning was first inspired by wad’s recounting of his talks with ‘the big gainer’***, who always jelqed before stretching because his meat was too tired to get erect enough to jelq after stretching.

It occurs to me that if you can ‘pre-exhaust’ the tunica and the Corpi Cavernosi in all 3-D [three dimensions], by clamping or pumping or power-Jelqing, and then s-t-r-e-t-c-h it by hanging, you may be able to capitalize on that ‘pre-exhausted’ state and get more l-e-n-g-t-h from your hanging than you would otherwise, assuming the same weight and time.

Well, my thoughts anyway.

Bueller? Bueller?

*There’s always a But, isn’t there?
** Yeah, I know that your dick ain’t a muscle, I’m not making an analogy, just an inside cultural reference.
***Guy swinging monster meat after years of NPE [manual PE] only

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That sounds interesting, andro. Anyone else have thoughts on this? I clamp and hang, but was wondering if I should drop clamping for now to concentrate on length first.

I think androNYC has a good hypothesis.

I haven’t been clamping long enough for any significant statistics yet but I’ve wondered if clamping before hanging might be a good move. One of the problems is, if you gain some fluid build up after clamping then hanging after might be problematic in the hanger. That’s why I have done my clamping after hanging. Girth comes with clamping no doubt but whether or not it in combination with hanging it increases length gains I think is yet to be determined.

I think some experimentation is in order here and then time will produce positive or negative results. Stats are going to need to be solid though. I think it’s to early to assume a principle here.

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